Orkut Forcing Opera Mini to Mobile Version

Orkut LogoIt looks like Google’s Orkut has pulled a Friendster and is forcing Opera Mini users to the mobile version of the site. There’s nothing wrong with using browser detection to redirect mobile browsers to a mobile friendly site BUT there needs to be a way to get to the full version if desired. Many of today’s mobile browsers including Opera Mini and Mobile, some versions of Netfront and S60 Webkit are capable of loading almost any site on the web. Many users of these browsers prefer the full versions especially when the mobile edition offers only a subset of the site’s features as Orkut’s does.

On the Opera Mini forum there’s been a lot of talk about this issue and a search for a workaround. Opera Mini power user jbpseudo has discovered a way to force Orkut to send the full version to any browser. Enter the following (all on one line):


Or if you are viewing this in a Opera Mini, click this Link.

It seems to work whether you are already logged into your Google account or not. If you’re not logged in it prompts you for user id and password, of course.

That’s a pretty ugly URL to have to type in. An alternative is to point Opera Mini at WapReview.mobi and click on the link in this post or to use this tiny url: http://tinyurl.com/6et9nr

142 thoughts on “Orkut Forcing Opera Mini to Mobile Version

  1. Hey man am just bore ……. what happens to google huh….. we should remind google that , we people made google so popular in this world, but if they do this, then i can say, google (ORKUT) you are going to finish……. we all people will f… you soon……

  2. Hey, I’ve tried all methods and links suggested by u people, but I’m still unable to get full version of Orkut from opera. Someone plz help.

  3. hi,
    whenever i click on join community on orkut in opera mini 5 it takes me back to mobile view while before clicking i am on web size
    is there any solution plz tell i use nikia E 71
    there is also a good news opera has started viewing full view of orkut

  4. yes sir you are right ,opera mini 5 fails for 5 or 6 times but finally it installs. it shows the message ‘unable to connect,check your network settings’ when it fails.

    • Sounds like your connection is flaky. When the install finally succeeds don’t uninstall it! If it’s still giving connection errors after its installed try changing Settings -> Advanced -> Protocol from socket to http or vice versa

  5. hello sir, i always wanted to speak an expert about opera mini 5, i am using samsung gt b-3210 right now. the problem is 4.2 is consistently installable but 5.0 or 5.1 install in 5-6 times. i have checked every web setting i.e no missing apn etc. .please sir help me about this

    • I don’t understand what you mean by “5.0 or 5.1 install in 5-6 times” You mean it fails 5 or 6 times but finally installs? Or you tried 5 or 6 times and it always fails? What happens when you try? Do you get an error message or does the install hang?

  6. finally i hv found a solution . . .its over. .
    if you r a vadafone user then u can veiw full size pages of orkut on opera mini 4.2 not on 5.1 beta version.
    1.just go to the vodafone’s home page on your mobile.
    2.now search for ‘free opera mini download’ link on that page.
    3.download that 4.2 version free.
    4. enjoy orkut in a pc view bcoz that version is able to open any website full size.

    thank me 4 my intelligence .. .i m 100% sure it wil work

  7. whenever i click on add community on orkut mobile it redirects me to mobile view . anyone pleasss helpp . : (

  8. Hiii friends download Uc web browse 7.2 nd Bolt.jar browser nd enjoy full Orkut,Facebook,Myspace,bigadda etc… FULL VIEW …..go to ur current browser nd log on http://www.getjar.com –> search –> browser –> open bolt.jar nd uc web 7.2 –> downlod nd enjoy
    NOTE :- Plz use getjar website bcoz ur device supporter software are there…
    Frm :- Kr.Jaipal Singh Mertiya (SINDARLI,pali)


  10. I want some more mobile web browsers for mobile like Bolt, UC, Operamini etc. Send me at [email removed] as soon as possible

  11. Download Uc web 7.2 browser or bolt.jar browes nd use orkut ,face book full view….www.getjar.com –>search–>browser–>open bolt.jar browser nd uc web browser–>download –> nd enjooooooy
    from:-kr.Jaipal singh mertiya

  12. Hellow sir I am doing internet on my pre-loaded opera mini browser mobile phone but I am unable to view orkut in desktop verson. Plese solve my prblm as soon as possible

  13. we cant post scraps with other browser also , the the important thing is after posting 15 to 16 scraps it asks for text verification as we cant do it in mobile view . if u move to pc after posting scrap with mobile upto u cant scrap , the first scrap with pc s u need text verification only , then after moving to u r mobile u can post scraps nearly for 15 to 16 but this s a useless job , orkut need to solve this text verification problem

    *OPERA MINI COMPRESSES THE WHOLE PAGE INTO 60 TO 65 KBs , WHILE ON PC THE FULL HTML PAGE OF ORKUT IS AROUND 150 TO 200 KBs. do u still think it doesnt make any sence orkut gains profit on pc so if we will be unable to open full page we will go to our PCs and internet cafe.

  15. graphics of opera doesn’t show in respect of before one months.opera 5.1 doesn’t download

  16. Jst shiT TO ORKUT GUYs , jst cum oN TO FACEBOOK, IF U STILL WANT TO VIEW FUL VERSION CUM On n download bolt browser, your problem is sOLVED

  17. Through UC Web we can u open Orkut. Change the mode frm ‘full version’ to ‘content view’ option.
    Bt evn if u can open full version of new orkut frm mini Opera, bt u cant open community pages! If u try it’ll send u back 2 ur home page of mob version orkut!
    Is thre any trick 2 ovrcome this prblem?

  18. what the hell….they’l fix it,they ‘l fix it…..when vl dey actly fix it….tired of usng mobile vrsn……
    lkng fr facebk nw…..
    bye orkut…..

  19. Is the problem of sending scraps in mobile orkut is over ?
    I think the problem in mobile version is the text verification only , we cant find the text verification in mobile orkut . if we switch to PC for the first scrap it will ask the text verification to be typed to continue orkutting .the second one is the switching to full site

  20. can we continuously post scraps in uc web or bolt like as we done 2 months before

    • Hi… Frndz… Orkut full view is available using Opera mini for users of new orkut version. Try the new orkut.

  21. I unable to access full site of
    orkut, when i click on “full site” in opera-mini tell
    any solution to this problem…



  24. 4 the last 6 months i ws using full orkut frm ma opera mini browser….bt nw i cant use..so i cant c who r onlyn..pls find a solution

  25. why orkut forces opera mini to mobile version? we are facing problems.hoping for solution very soon otherwise gud bye orkut and opera mini

  26. fuck…
    unable to access full page of orkut man… can any one can tell the solution to this problem…

  27. Is the mobile orkut working now???????????
    ie,viewing in full site , post scraps continuously , post scraps in new version

  28. Sir,
    In PC I am not able to find the profile visitors , it shows the last week’s friends only. my friend opened my profile day before yesterday but i cant notice him yesterday . What to do for seeing the profile visitors

  29. I changed orkut to new version but i m not able to post scraps
    and when i click on communities it again redirects me to mobile version. I am using opera mini 4.2 in my nokia n73. Can anybody help me to fix this problem?

    • Yes its true.
      this problem has not been sort out yet.
      Lets hope they do smthing abt it soon.
      Its almost 15 days now

  30. To access full site first shift your orkut account on beta version using PC and then you can see your full site version on mobile… Do it even you don’t like new version but it will not be for long days. Orkut already has started work to fix problem.

  31. Sir,
    After switching to full view in the new version of orkut , there is a problem of sending scraps , i cant post my scraps in new version of orkut in mobile.

  32. I cn use orkut from previous 9 months bt at that time opera mini cannot open da full site on my mobile so kindly help me to solve this problem.

  33. Sir please solve the problem immediatly i cant acces full site pls pls pls……….

  34. sir plz solve dis poblm or tell us upto whn v vill get our heart means full version of orkut sir plz solve dis poblm as soon as possible

  35. hi i m using orkut opproximately in 2 years on mobile my mobile orkut i gone full site but now they have a pro it will no go to full site and show a mobile version i have a many important works on orkut plz solve my problem…

  36. Mobile version of very very boring.so i decided to join facebook .frndz pls al follow me…gud by orkut

  37. Ya everyone facing problem of “orkut fullsite”. So go to getjar.com download bolt software. Then login to orkut u can c fullsite.its tempory till this opera problem solved. Cheers! Lol

    Its true that Bolt is not so gud.

    • Good news to all just i saw full site. Its visibel but i clicked older version. I shifted 2 same old mobile version. They r doing some changes in photo.

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