With the Nexus 7, Google Aims to Dominate Post-PC Personal Computing

Google I/O was last week. While I didn’t attend, I did follow it closely at a Google I/0 Extended event at Google’s San Francisco offices where I watched both keynotes and a number of the tech sessions on the big screen. The most signifigant announcement of I/0 was the $199.99 (for the 8GB version) Nexus 7 tablet. It out-specs all the other 7 inch tablets in the market by a significant margin. I expect the Nexus 7 will quickly become the best … Continue reading

Getting Started with MeeGo Tablet – Upgrading The OS And Installing Apps.

Intel was giving away ExoPC MeeGo tablets to interested developers at AppNation last week and they were nice enough to give me one. I’ve been playing with it off and on for the last week and wanted to share my impressions as someone who is just getting started with MeeGo. Disclaimer: I’m not a MeeGo developer or Linux Guru. I have done a bit of Web and Wintel app development.  My only Linux experience is using Ubuntu as my main … Continue reading

CTIA: The Coming Tablet Revolution – It’s Not About the iPad

Yesterday’s “iPad and Tablets: Publishing and Entertainment” sessions at CTIA were an interesting experience. The main thing I took away from them is that some smart people with extensive mobile and computing industry experience believe tablets will be very big and will eventually largely replace netbooks and PCs. That was the message from several of the speakers including Zigurd Medniks who works with OEMs to adapt Android to a wide variety of devices and embedded systems. The reasoning is that … Continue reading

CTIA Day One Wrapup

Today was the first full day of CTIA.  I didn’t expect a lot of big announcements but I was wrong, there was actually a lot of news.  First up, Verzion announced its LGE rollout plans which are quite aggressive.  They plan to cover a third of the US population by year end with service lighting up in 38 cities and 60 airports.  PreCentral has the details including a list of the lucky cities and airports.  Verizon president and COO Lowell … Continue reading

Negroponte’s Ideal Tablet Concept

I heard Nicholas Negroponte speak at Mobilize today.  It was a zinger of a talk. He started by saying that since its founding in 2001, One Laptop per Child’s goal has been to deliver enabling technology in and only in areas where market forces couldn’t or wouldn’t. Although he started with laptops, Negroponte now believes that tablets are the best, most cost effective tool  for enhancing learning everywhere in the world. Negroponte’s described his ideal tablet as: Unbreakable Needs no … Continue reading

The State Of MeeGo – An Update From the MeeGo Developer Day

The big Nokia World annual conference wrapped up today in London. There were a lot of great announcements; for developers there’s a new Qt SDK for Symbian and S40 and  code signing is now free for Java and native apps There are new versions of Ovi Maps and the Ovi Store for Symbian^3 phones. The Ovi Store now has in-app puchasing.  On the hardware side, six bluetooth headsets, a charging plate, a new Touch and Type S40 phone and three … Continue reading