Why Nokia’s MeeGo Phone Won’t Use An Intel CPU

Characters from the MeeGo Project – meego.com I don’t normally get into rumors but there’s one floating around on the Internet that’s got me really wound up. The claim is that Nokia will launch its first MeeGo handset at the Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona with an Intel Atom processor. The story grew out of a one line mention in a brief item on the Finnish tech site Prosessori. (In Finnish, Google translation). I don’t buy it. I … Continue reading

Nokia Releases A Minor Update For the N8, C7 and C6-01

Nokia pushed out a minor application update for Symbian^3 phones yesterday.  I’m not sure if it’s available globally yet or not. It showed up on my US market N8 this morning and users in the UK and India are reportedly seeing it as well. To see if it’s available, run the “Sw Update” app in the “Applications” folder of the N8 or the “Applications > Tools” folder on the C7 and C6-01. The 1.06 MB update downloads quickly over 3G … Continue reading

Use the iPhone Google Reader, Calendar, Talk and Gmail WebApps on Symbian

Asri al-Baker at i-Symbian.com has put together a set of  Web Runtime Apps that let you use the iPhone versions of the Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Reader WebApps on Symbian phones. The Asri’s pps are essentially bookmarks which launch the GoogleWebApps in the Nokia browser. But they several advantages over normal browser bookmarks. For one, they have nice icons and look rather smart sitting in your Application folder or a Symbian^3 Shortcuts Widget on your home screen. Plus … Continue reading

N8 Tips and Tricks – Using Widgets

US tech blogs have been having a field day panning the new Nokia N8, something I don’t quite understand.  I’ve had my N8 for a couple of weeks now and I’m loving it.  It’s replaced an Android phone as the handset I carry everywhere. I’m pleased as punch with it’s responsiveness,  reception, call quantity and vibrant screen with reflective coating that makes it usable in sunlight.  The camera is in a world of it’s own as it’s by far the … Continue reading

How to Set Up Gmail and Google Sync on the N8

Update: Google pulled the plug on S60 mail and calendar sync for most users in 2013. If you set it up before 30-Jan-2013 it Gmail sync should still work .  However since 30-Jan-2013, only Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government customers can set up new Gmail sync accounts on S60. Source: Google Sync End of Life – Google Apps Administrator Help I’m really liking the N8 I got at last week’s Nokia Developer Day. The hardware and screen are … Continue reading

Nokia’s Free Navigation Puts the Competition in a World of Hurt.

Nokia today announced that it is making worldwide turn by turn navigation with voice guidance plus Michelin and Lonely Planet guides, weather, event listings and location sharing on Facebook  free on 10 current smartphones; the Nokia N97 mini, 5800 XpressMusic, 5800 Navigation Edition, E52, E55, E72, 5230 (requires an external GPS receiver), 6710 Navigator, 6730 classic and X6. The N97 will also be receiving free navigation later this month as will all future GPS equipped Nokias. A great deal for … Continue reading

Nokia Conversations Uses Mippin To Mobilize!

Nokia Conversations which calls itself, “The Official Nokia Blog” is one of the handset maker’s primary ways of interacting with users. It’s really more of a tech news site than a typical dry corporate blog. Conversations is about firmware updates, game and app reviews and coverage of Nokia in the news. In keeping with the blog’s name it’s a two way communication channel, reader comments are actively encouraged. Nokia doesn’t appear to censor negative comments either as it’s very easy … Continue reading

The Progress Project – Using Mobiles For Social Good

The Progress Project is a joint venture by Nokia and Lonely Planet that documents the companies efforts to solve social, environmental and economic problems around the world. The solutions are varied but all involve mobile technology in some way. The Progress Project’s mobile and desktop Websites report on the various projects with text, photos and video. Currently featured are: Nokia Life Tools – helps Indian farmers bargain more effectively by checking crop prices in neighboring regions using their mobile phones. … Continue reading