Nokia’s Mobile Site Shows the N9 As Available Now In The US!

N9 Mobile Site Nokia N9 - Everything's just a swipe away

I fired up a Nokia N95-3 yesterday to test a mobile site’s compatibility with the old S60 3rd ed FP1 browser and look what came up when I opened the browser (images above).

It’s a full screen ad for the N9. I believe that it will appear on any N95-3 where the user hasn’t altered the default homepage. The North American N95-3’s default home page is which redirects to, a promotional site for the as yet unreleased N9 MeeGo phone.

I really like this page, not only does it feature the most exiting new Nokia in several years, but it’s also beautifully designed mobile page . I love the use of color and the way it adapts to different screen resolutions. It looks just as good in Opera Mini as in the Nokia browser and even better on the N8.

But the kicker is that “Shop” link on the second screen. It leads to a page where you can choose any of  the 50 US states and “Find a store where you can buy your Nokia N9“! I chose New York and according to Nokia the N9 is available at a number AT&T stores!

Find a store where you can buy your N9 Get your N9 at the nearest AT&T store.

Of course the N9 hasn’t been released and supposedly will not be sold in the US. But what to make of this mobile site?  Is it an Easter egg created by a MeeGo loving contract Web designer? Or did Nokia at one time have plans to sell the N9 on a larger scale including a deal with AT&T? Probably not but we can dream.

6 thoughts on “Nokia’s Mobile Site Shows the N9 As Available Now In The US!

  1. Dennis,

    When I click the SHOP button, I am presented with a list of states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Selecting Lagos, I am presented with a list of Nokia outlets here.

  2. Russia. N9 should be officially available here, but still i dont trust that store locator. will see…

  3. looks like a bug, not a feature. it gibes you all available nokia dealers in any country based on your sniffed ip.
    which is honestly, is a bit sad

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