CTIA: Day One

I’m at CTIA in San Francisco today.  Just attended the keynote and Yahoo press conference. Yahoo made a couple of big announcements at the keynote today.

  • OneConnect is live, only on the iPhone so far, but Java, S60 and Windows Mobile support is coming by year end.
  • The Blueprint widget platform has been extended with runtimes that support creating stand alone mobile applications and mobile websites using the same Blueprint markup language as Yahoo Mobile widgets.

The apps are free standing.  Once they are created they have no dependencies on Yahoo’s servers or infrastructure.  A developer preview for Java ME phones is available now at mobile.yahoo.com/developers/download. Support for Windows Mobile and S60 will be available in the public release scheduled to be available by the end of the year.  If Apple allows it, an iPhone runtime will also be provided!

Mobile sites built with Blueprint will use a PHP runtime installed on your server that acts as a proxy to redirect requests to Yahoo servers to interpret and render the Blueprint markup.

More details on both runtimes at the Yahoo Mobile BluePrint Blog.

Off topic: ATT’s data infrastructure doesn’t seem to be able to handle the load of so many mobilists with iPhones concentrated in the confines of Mosconce Center.  Although I have full bars and a 3.5G icon, during the keynote and Yahoo press conference, attempts to load any web page timed out.  Power-cycling my N95 didn’t help.  I was forced to resort to using my Boost Mobile iDEN phone’s 19.2 kBs data to read my email and approve blog comments.

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