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Update: After a six year run, Gamejump has shut down. Mobile games and apps that were distributed with Gamejump’s ad-supported wrapper no longer work, failing with the message “Connection Failure. Unable to connect. Please check to make sure your phone has service“.

Gamejump’s parent company Greystripe, posted the following  message  on their Facebook Page:

“Greystripe has discontinued all support for the Java AdWrap for Publishers and Catalog programs as of June 20, 2011. This only affects the Java AdWrap programs; we are discontinuing the AdWrap platform in order to focus all our resources on our iOS, Android, and mobile web platforms. Should you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].”

My original 2006 post covering GameJump is below.

GameJump is a mobile ( and web ( site offering free downloadable ad-supported Java games. The site and service seems to be a raging success with 1.4 million downloads in it’s first four months of operation. There are currently over 350 games available on GameJump. This success has not gone unnoticed with Greystripe, the company behind GameJump, winning Best in Show Overall at the Under the Radar Mobility Conference. In a comment to this MobileCrunch post, Andy Choi, Greystripe CTO, claims impressive 5-15% click through rates. Greystripe has also released some metrics where they report that the service is most popular in the US, UK, India, South Africa and Indonesia. It’s pretty amazing that they can get that many off-portal downloads, particularly from US users who are notoriously reluctant leave the carrier deck. Also telling is the carrier breakdown. The largest US carrier, Cingular with a 39% share barely beating much smaller T-Mobile’s 30%. Could that be because T-Mobile charges $6/month for unlimited data compared with Cingular’s $20. Cheap unlimited data really does drive mobile data adoption.
I gave the service a try and liked what I saw. First I downloaded a couple of games to my old Nokia 3650 from GameJump’s mobile site. There is no registration required. You don’t have to give GameJump any personal information, especially not your phone number so there are no worries about Text SPAM or premium SMS scams. The whole process was very easy and smooth. GameJump correctly identified my phone but also allowed me to override that selection and pick a different device from a list. Both downloaded games looked and worked well with attractive full screen graphics and good game play. When I launched the games there was a message to the effect that the game would occasionally use the phone’s data connection to download new ads and I had to agree to allow this before I could start playing. I have an unlimited data plan so I was fine with this but I do appreciate the disclosure.

Next I downloaded a game from GameJump’s Web Portal for side loading onto my Boost Mobile Motorola i855. I was pleased to see that GameJump lists games for all the Java capable iDEN phones all the way back to the i85. Unlike some sites, GameJump has both the .jar and the .jar files available for download, both of which are required by iDEN handsets. The game I downloaded for the i855 installed with no issues and again looked and played well. As with the mobile site, no registration is required to download games. If you do register, all that’s required is an e-mail address. Registration lets you review games and participate in GameJump’s contests where you can win free phones.

You have probably never heard of most of the games on GameJump but the ones I downloaded were of commercial quality – much better than what you typically find on freeware game sites like and GameJump has games in many genres like sports, action, adventure, casino, puzzle and retro. I’m not much of a gamer but I do like puzzle games and downloaded three, a well done version of the classic Same Game, BubbleTrouble which combines elements of Bejeweled and Same Game and Magic Crystals – a Tetris variant with particularly nice graphics. All three were easy to play, fun “casual” games with no run learning curve – ideal for killing a few minutes while waiting for a bus, ATM, meeting to begin, etc. .

About those ads, I was pleasantly surprised that the ads were not intrusive. GameJump says that they only display ads when you start or quit a game so as not to disrupt the playing experience. In over an hour of playing the three games I downloaded I only saw one ad. When I quit Same Game an ad appeared offering a $5.00 off coupon for an oil change if I entered an email address. The option to decline was a little hard to find (in a menu linked to the left soft key) but it was there and choosing it ended the game with no nagging. Overall, I was quite pleased with the GameJump experience. I think these guys will do well.

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  1. for java phones, i know a few sites that i trust: ; ; certain blog pages etc… never use filestube or rapiddownlaod, the sites just wont let you download on a mobile device…

  2. I would loved to see more web sites with free downloadds of games wallpapers and other thing to.

  3. Hi i think they have recently updated within the past week ro so they added an update to include .JAD 2.0 which i think the d900e which should sort your problem out! … a big problem with samsungs is that they actualy need this .jad file to complete the installation without any errors , sometimes the file wont even download on certain samsung phones if its a .jar file… kemielah click mobile downloads free by my name to get to the site i have recently found on google! if you searched on google for themes screensavers etc try selecting the MOBILE search at the bottom of google because right now i dont think google is 2 gr8 for searching /WEB/ for mobile downloads … if you are redirected to the main google search try go to this will force the google mobile search to run

  4. I have” a question about the ads? I have a Samsung d900e. But the games from samsung d900i also work. But when I played the games from Gamejump 3 times they ask for updating the game and ads. There the problems start!!! At 49% the update stops and says that i don’t have a connection? But when I stop the game I still can browse and have a great connection. And I can’t play the games anymore?
    This is a big dissepointment. :-( Does anyone have a sollution?

  5. where can i download free themes, wallpapers, java games and screensavers for my sony ericsson K800i?,i have tried different sites, bt am not satisfied with the results.I would reali appreciate it if you can help me (**,)

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