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  1. To work on a blackberry you’ll need to download the blackberry jdk/dev kit/compiler from rim and then compile the app to a cod file. Its a pain but it works.

  2. Hi. The older versions install in my Nokia 6233 but then when you open the app it says no appropriate certificates. Please help.

  3. In my FlyMC160 phone version 2.0.6 is installed but the application font is not viewable. can you give me any solution why this is happening.

  4. I clicked jad files only. But my phone is not supporting. It says “install error”. all the versions are not supporting.. 1.5 version alone downloads and then says install error. other versions are saying install error even before downloading.

  5. i am having samsung d900i. i cant install all the above versions. mine is a 2007 model phone that supports java midp 2.0 it can accept jar files of size less than 512 kb through jad links. i cant install the gmail 2.0 nd above versions as well. pls help!

    • You need to use the JAD file to install on Samsungs. All the ones on this page are less than 512 KB so they should work.

      Try clicking the JAD link in the phone’s browser. If that doesn’t work, post the error message in a comment and I’ll try to see if I can figure out what’s wrong.

  6. This thread has been of help several times. For instance the issue of loading it via the .jad not the .jar. to include the statement not to use native menus…

    Now… anyone knows if Google kept evolving its Java ME mobile app?. Any newer version after 2.0 ?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Great, it works with IBM. Upgrade HTC WM6 to Wm6.1 and lower part of menu in gmail java is not visible anymore, but it works with IBM. IBM is though much more cumbersome to install as have to know exact URL/file name.

  8. If you’re worried about constant polling, then you can use logicmail, which supports imap. But archiving doesn’t work. At least I haven’t found a way to get archiving to work.

  9. I had Gmail Java pp installed (don’t know which version) on my Samsung D880 Duos. It worked well until few days ago, so I’ve deleted it and tried to reinstall, but official 2.0.6. version starts intallation and quits after a sec or two. I’ve tried your links from above but don’t help. I either get the same webpage with the installation that breaks or nothing. I tried to download both the jar and jad files on my comp and tranfer to mobile phone via bluetooth. when I try to run JAR my phone says “not supported content” and when I press on JAD file it says “JAR not found”. What to do?

    • I’m not familiar with that phone. A couple of suggestions:

      1. Visit the mobile version of this page ( http://wapreview.mobi/?p=2578 ) with your phone’s browser and click on one of the jad links. That works with most phones.

      2. If that doesn’t work try:
      – Download the jad and jar files for one of the versions to your computer.
      – Rename the jar to gmail.jar and the jad to gmail.jad
      – Then copy the renamed jad and jar to the “Other files” folder in your phone.
      – Then go to the “My files” menu, choose “Other files”, highlight the .jad file, choose “Options” then “Install”.

      If neither of the above methods work with any of the three versions its possible that they are not compatible with your phone.

  10. If I`m clicking on the download JAD link using the Nokia browser from m.google.com, gmail v.2.0.6 is installing correctly, but servers GOOGLE doesn`t have gmail v1.xx so I want to install from this server and when I`m cliking v1.0 JAD (http://wapreview.com/dwnld/gmail1.0/gm-Generic-Advanced_MIDP2.jad) I have error “Downloading failed”.

    Also when I`m installing v.1.1 a have the same error, when I`m installing v1.5 I have error “INVALID APLICATION”.
    I`m installing from JAD files.

    • The generic Gmail files on WapReview work on most phones. I’m sorry to hear that they didn’t work as you expected on your phone. I don’t have any other versions of Gmail for you to try, unfortunately.

  11. When I install gmail from file *.jar, gmail is running in small screen (ver. 1.xxx and ver 2.xxx), but when install is from *.jad (m.gmail.com) everything is well and apps is running in full screen.
    I can`t install gmail v1.xx from *.jad on this site. How do I install gmail from *.jad?

    • I’m not sure but I think special coding is required to get Java apps to go full screen on some Nokias. 1.5 or at least the generic version on WapReview doesn’t seem to have it.

  12. Thanks.
    I have a next question? Why I couldn`t install Gmail 1.5 that will be able to works in full screen like version 2.0.6. After install v1.5, gmail works in small screen and button doesn`t correctly work but v2.0.6. works correctly in full screen.

  13. Yes I don`t want it to gmail remember my login. In version 1.xxx you can choose option “dont remeber login and password” but in version 2.xx I cant find it this option.

    • You are correct, there is no option in 2.0.6 to not remember your login. You have to sign out manually (Menu > Accounts > Sign out) each time before exiting the app. It sounds like 1.5 would be better for your purposes.

  14. In version 1.0, 1.1, 1.5 you can do “don`t remember login” but version 2.0.6 start automaticly and save your login.

  15. Thanks a lot for the downloads of the old versions! they work perfectly on my Sony Ericsson k800i. I deleted version 1.0.0 because I saw there was a new version 2.0.6. However it doesn’t download the regular way using the mobile site saying it is not supported on k800i. Sending the file from DunxD (Thanks!) by bluetooth works fine on first impression. If it fails i can now revert to an earlier version.

  16. Hi,I own a Samsung M620.GMAIL V.2.0.6 are not working propr. Do you have a link to v.1.5 please.Keep up the great work. thanks

  17. I was having trouble downloading the latest version to Sony Ericsson k770i. Used the User Agent method to download the latest jad file. For some reason this kept failing to download the jar file (or installing it after it downloaded).

    So I opened the jad file in Notepad to view the contents, which gave me the location of the jar file I needed. Installed both to a folder on the phone, and installed via the jad file. This worked.

    latest jar file: http://m.google.com/mail/download/binaries/L1/2.0.6/mail_m2.jar

  18. Ok cancel panic station – the wapreview mirrors are still up (click on “alternate link”) Thanks Wapreview!

  19. The links to the old versions are now 404. This is not an author error as I have used these many times. Google must have deleted or moved the old versions. Any one know where they went to?

  20. zipped 1.5 files into zip file, sent via OTA app for Nextel/Boost phones and got it working on a Boost Mobile Motorola i856. Works great!!!!

  21. I have a Palm Centro w/the IBM java installed. I downloaded the jar file from here – http://m.google.com/a/v1.5.0.1187/L1/MailByGoogle.jar – through the java install process and it was a success. However the sign in screen and mail pages appear out of alignment and at a horrible resolution quality. I’m wondering if the newer version 2.0.6 will work better.. going to try that and repost.

  22. Trying to get Gmail up and running on my Samsung M300. Apparently there’s a filesize restriction on this phone and the only version that appears to want to work is 1.0 (which I’m fine with). However, when I download the .jad using the built-in browser, it appears to start a download (“Download In Progress”), then gives me “Error #907 Server Error” after a few seconds.

    It won’t allow me to load the .jar directly.

  23. When I try to use this link I get a 404 error after my phone starts “Downloading Gmail to Applications”

    Specifically the error is:
    Data Error 907
    Invalid Content
    404 Not Found

    I already have Gmail 1.5.0 on this phone model…I’m just trying to get it on my other phone.

  24. Installing via the JAR file will (most likely) mess up the GUI of Gmail Mobile. That’s what happened to me. I found out that the reason for this is that “UseNativeMenus: false” is specified in the JAD file. If you don’t install via the JAD, UseNativeMenus will be set to “true”, and thus you won’t get Gmail’s own buttons.

    My phone is k530i. I have tried 2.0.6, 1.5.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.0, and 1.0.0, both JARs and JADs, and they all work, with the exception of that JAR-caused GUI hiccup that occurs :-)

  25. The .jad file links only work if you are using your phone’s mobile browser. Use the “alternate” link if you get an error.

    Also with Nokia’s, and possibly other phones you can use the .jar links directly.

  26. V 1.5 (156KB) worked with my N95. While the JAD link gave a 404 error, the JAR (m.google.com/app/v1.5.0/L1/gmail-g.jar) worked like a charm.

  27. Yo. Works great on SE K550i. (So does v2.0, but it 30KB a go to download emails I didn’t wanr anyway was costing me a fortune).

    Many thanks :) (You’re also #6 in Google UK for ‘mobile gmail legacy’)

  28. Hi, I was looking for gmail apps for mobile. I download
    it ( gmail.jad ). It sends https information. My Phone said
    ” doesn’t have the appropriate certificate to communicate with gmail”. Please send me more information about gmail apps. My Mig33 beta and my opera mini is working perfect.
    You can use this address also [email removed].

  29. @antok aja,

    That can be caused by the phone’s date and/or time being incorrect. Check that the month and especially the year are correct.

    If that’s not it your phone is missing the necessary certificate. The only way to update certificates on most phones is with a firmware upgrade.

  30. i can instal Gmail V1.5.0, but whaen i try to open, they said no certificate for gmail.

    what must i do?

  31. @D thankyou for your research, it’s true they’re working. .Most of s40 (java) phones which cannot download application with more than 1.5kb, is working well with these two gmail appl v,1(jad or jar of 113kb) i have tested with my old Nokia6030. Thankyou and again thankyou.

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