Why No “How Stuff Works” Articles On howstuffworks.com?

How Stuff Works Mobile Web Site

HowStuffWorks.com is a great site featuring thousands of articles that usesĀ  non-technical language, charts, diagrams and videos how all sorts of complex products, technologies and processes work. Typical articles have titles like “How X works” where “X” can be anything from “OLEDs” to “identity theft“.

I recently discovered that How Stuff Works has a mobile site and immediately headed there to check it out. I have to say I was a little disappointed. There’s nothing wrong with the site’s design,it’s easy to navigate and uses browser detection to optimize markup, images and page size to deliver a good experience on everything from old wml-only phones to the iPhone. Although I wish site’s designer’s had applied a style=”max-width:100%; height:auto;” attribute to that logo image to force Opera Mini to re-size it to fit.

The problem with the mobile site is the content. Has far as I could see there is nothing there but a few quiz’s and a bunch of “Top 5 This ” and “10 Best That” lists like “10 Best Places for Outdoorsy Types to Live‘ or “5 Myths about Steve Jobs“. How Stuff Works‘ stock in trade, the “How X Works” pieces, seem to be totally missing. I used mobile site’s search engine to look for OLED and “identity theft” and came up with nothing. I’ll admit I enjoyed reading some of the “Top 10…” pieces but what ever happened to “How Stuff Works” on m.howstuffworks.com?

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  1. Yeah, you are absolutely right. I like the site very much. The real problem for me is the opera mini 4.2 opens only wap site of it, whatever the way i use to enter the site. Atleast OM 5 helps me.

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