New Release of Mobile Design Tool, Mobify

Mobify v2

Yesterday, Mobify released Version 2 of their cloud based visual tool for creating mobile views of existing Web sites.

Mobify is aimed squarely at Web designers. Using it, a designer “Mobifies” an existing desktop site by selecting elements using a a browser based, visual interface. The selected dynamic elements are then laid out on a mobile canvas where headers, footers and static HTML blocks can be added and the  CSS styling  can be tweaked.

Finished “Mobile Views”, as Mobify calls them, are hosted on Mobify’s servers. Plugins for WordPress, Expression Engine, Drupal and Django or a JavaScript snippet can be used to automatically redirect mobile users to your site’s mobile view. You can even set things up so that your mobile view appears as a subdomain of your desktop URL link like

Mobify does browser detection and optimizes layout and image sizes for optimal appearance on over 5000 different mobile devices

Possibly the best part of Mobify is the pricing. Mobify compares very favorably in features with enterprise grade mobile design tools but is affordable to all publishers with pricing options ranging from free to $99.99 per month. Even the free plan includes full use of all the design tools, hosting, the CMS plugins and the ability to use your own domain. The $24.99 “Plus” plan removes the Mobify logo from the footer and enables the use of AdMob or Google analytics. The $99.99 per month Professional package lets you run ads on your mobile view, enables SSL and includes phone and email support. Enterprise and SLA packages are also available for high traffic sites.

Version 2 of Mobify adds the following features:

  • Google Analytics support.
  • Faster mobifying of WordPress, Drupal and ExpressionEngine websites.
  • Better Support for IE 7 & 8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome in the Designer
  • Revision Control System.
  • A streamlined site management screen.
  • Embed code to demo your mobile view on your desktop site.

Disclaimer: I’ve been following Mobify since the beginning and know the founder, Igor Faletski and the rest of the team at Mobify. I also did some consulting for Mobify early on. I am undoubtedly biased, but I do believe that Mobify is the best and most cost effective tool of its kind.

It seems I’m in good company with that assessment. The list of Mobify users reads like a Who’s Who of the Web design world, including Jeffrey Zeldman (A List Apart), Jacob Gube (Six Revisions),  Jacob Cass (Just Creative Design), Antonio Lupetti (woork), Jonathan Snook, Chris Conyier (CSS-Tricks) and many more. Mobify is also  used by a number of  high traffic sites like SitePoint; SPIN, VIBE and Discover magazines;’s Fantasy Cricket; Webdesigner Depot and MetroLyrics.

If you have a Web site and you don’t have a mobile presence or you aren’t satisfied with your current one, take a look at Mobify, the easiest way to create a high quality mobile version of an existing site.

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