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I’ll be at the Microsoft Tech.Ed Conference in Berlin Tuesday and Wednesday as the guest of WOMWorld and Nokia. I was really surprised when I got an email from WOMWorld a little over a week ago offering to send me to Berlin for the conference. Totally unexpected and wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing Berlin for the first time too.

I’m not sure what Nokia has in store for me at Tech-Ed.  They are a sponsor of the Microsoft conference, which is an annual event targeted at Enterprise developers and IT folks.  I imagine they’ll be talking about their partnership with Microsoft and  the advantages that  Nokia phones and services bring to the enterprise.  Nokia E-series phones are extremely popular with businesses in Europe and around the world.  Nokia offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise Nokia products and services to help businesses configure and manage large numbers of  employee phones and integrate them with Microsoft Communicator and Exchange  and with PBX systems.

It should be an interesting event.  Nokia has invited other bloggers to Tech.Ed,  including Mike Maddaloni.  We will have an opportunity to talk with several Nokia executives including Ukko Lappalainen, VP for Business Smartphones.

I’m especially intrigued by a session titled “Nokia E7 Speed Networking“.  The E7 (image, below) is Nokia’s as yet unreleased new business  flagship.  I favor full QWERTY devices and the E7 looks very promising so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some hands on time with it.

Nokia E7

4 thoughts on “Tech.Ed Europe

  1. Enjoy the trip and hope you bring up good news from the conference.
    The E7 looks like a promising handset and the only one of the new lot with Symbian^3 with a hardware keyboard, which puts a step ahead of the others. I hope we’ll have more phones with a hardware keyboard.

  2. I have been to Berlin a few times. You will enjoy yourself. Please go by the old “Checkpoint Charlie” which delineated East v. West Berlin. Enjoy!

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