Nokia CEO calls the N900 “the best browser device ever” Is It?

At the Nokia World keynote today, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvou (OPK) called the N900 the “best browser device ever”.  Strong words and clearly aimed at the iPhone which is often said to have the best mobile browser. I’m really hoping that OPK is right as I don’t consider the iPhone’s browser all that great. It’s OK, with pretty good rendering and JavaScript support and it’s easy to use.  I don’t even mind that it doesn’t support Flash, personally I wish … Continue reading

Which U.S. Operator Is Getting Opera Mini?

IDG News Service’s Elizabeth Montalbano quotes Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner as saying in “a recent interview” that “We are working … to provide an Opera Mini-based solution with a major operator in the U.S.,”.  The report goes on to say that the deal will be bigger than Opera’s recent partnership with Virgin Mobile, that the browser may not carry the Opera branding and that the deal involves Motricity, which provides content delivery services, mobile portals and/or storefronts  to all … Continue reading

Ovi Store’s Opera Mini is Different

It’s great that Opera Mini is now in the Ovi Store. I’m a big fan of Mini and use it on all my phones. It’s so much better than Nokia’s WebKit, the BlackBerry Browser and even the Android Browser.  Why? For one it’s much, much faster even on 3G or WiFi.  Plus it has the fit-to-width “Mobile View” option which does away the number one annoyance of mobile browsing – horizontal scrolling. Best of all it supports bookmarklets which I … Continue reading

Virgin Mobile US to Bundle Opera Mini

At CTIA, Opera Software and Virgin Mobile USA (VM) announced a deal where the operator will bundle Opera Mini with future handsets.  In the US, Virgin Mobile is a join venture between Richard Branson’s  Virgin Group and Sprint/Nextel. Starting April 14th, users of eight current Virgin Mobile phones will be able to download Opera Mini 4.2 for free from the VirginXL on-deck app store.  Although eight phones are said to be supported, Virgin has only named four; the Samsung M310 … Continue reading

Updated Opera Mini Bookmarklets Page

The post I wrote two years ago about using bookmarklets in Opera Mini is one of the most popular and most linked to  pages on this site. And why not,  bookmarklets – which are snippets of JavaScript stored in a browser bookmark – are extremely useful and powerful.  They work wonders to make your mobile surfing faster and easier.  With two key presses you can subscribe to a feed in your favorite RSS reader, save a link to the current … Continue reading

Opera Mini 4.2 Full Release and Android

Opera Software announced the production release of Opera Mini 4.2 today.  The new release, a minor upgrade from 4.1, is largely unchanged from the 4.2 Beta launched two weeks ago.  It includes bug fixes, the addition of Cyrillic language characters to the browser’s “small” font and a version of Opera Mini 4.2 for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone. Compared to 4.1, 4.2 adds: Skins: Change Opera’s look using predefined schemes. Improved Performance: a new US based server farm increases performance … Continue reading

Opera Mini Bookmarklets Update

Bookmarklets are a great labor saver when browsing the web, both on a PC and with a mobile.  They are little snippets of JavaScript. With a bookmarklet stored in a browser toolbar button  or an Opera Mini Speed Dial, a single click can do all sorts of useful things like adding the current page’s feed to an RSS Reader, posting its URL to social bookmarking services or translating the page to a different language A while ago I wrote about … Continue reading

Orkut is Back for Opera Mini Users!

It looks like the week long Orkut outage for Opera Mini users is over. jbpseudo just left a comment saying it was working again. I just tried and got right into Orkut.  This should make a lot of folks happy, especially in Brazil and India where most of Orkut’s traffic comes from.  As jbpseudo said;  thank you, Google, Opera Mini and especially ManneS, the Opera Mini forum moderator and user advocate who I suspect played a big role in escalating … Continue reading