2008 Predictions – How Did I Do?

In the great photo above of  New York City’s Times Square by 24gotham,  the fenced off area in the foreground is where workers are preparing the stage for CNN’s coverage of  the New Year’s Eve countdown.   It’s time to look at the 2008 predictions I made last New Years day.  How did I do? 1. Apple will meet their goal of selling 10 million units in the first year. A 3G model will be announced at MacWorld later this … Continue reading

2008 Mobile 2.0 Event San Francisco – Part 1

Today was the 3rd annual Mobile2.0 Event in San Francisco. This is my favorite mobile conference, fast paced, intimate and  with a no PowerPoint rule! Mobile 2.0 always seems to draw the best presenters and the attendees are a nice balance of developers and entrepreneurs from the Americas, Europe and Asia.  This year’s event was no exception. Kudos to the organizers: Daniel Appelquist from Vodafone; Gregory Gorman, Tertius; Mike Rowehl, Skyfire, Peter Vesterbacka, Some Bazaar and Mobile Monday and Rudy … Continue reading