Opera Mini and Mobile Update Adds Symbian Belle Support and Better Anna Keyboard Integration

Nokia’s latest Symbian Phones, the Nokia 700 and 701 have started to ship and are already for sale in Thailand and possibly elsewhere.  These phones are running Belle, the latest iteration of the Symbian OS. As there are leaked copies of Belle firmware for the Nokia N8 floating around on the Web so many Nokia power users are also already runing the OS. However, Belle users who are also fans of Opera’s mobile browsers got a nasty surprise when they … Continue reading

Blogger Mobile Templates Now Support Opera Mini, Symbian Anna, N9 and BlackBerry OS 6.0

I covered Google Blogger’s Beta mobile page templates in depth when they were rolled out last January.  They work well and look great and go a long way toward making the often unruly Blogger sites usable with a mobile browser.  At that time I lamented that the only iPhones and bada and Android devices were detected and served the mobile formatted pages. You can force Blogger to use the mobile template by appending ?m=1 to the end of the URL of any page … Continue reading

A Great Little Phone – Nokia E6 Unboxing and First Impressions

WOMWorld/Nokia has loaned me a Nokia E6 to evaluate. Here are my initial impressions and few unboxing photos. Hardware: This is one solid little phone. Mine is black with white and stainless steel trim which I think looks quite nice on this particular phone. The battery door and sides are metal and the front is all glass. The body of the phone appears to be a high quality plastic that is almost indistinguishable from cast metal.  The back of the … Continue reading