Google Buzz Now Available On All Phones!

Yesterday the Google Mobile Team announced on their blog that the Buzz mobile web client is now available on many more devices.  The post mentions support for Windows Mobile, Symbian, pre OS 2.0 Android, BlackBerry and Palm WebOS handsets.  In addition, Buzz now uses geo-location on BlackBerrys as well as the iPhone and Android. It looks like Google has done two things to make this possible. First, the rich mobile web client that Buzz uses for the iPhone and Android … Continue reading

Updated: Google I/O: Android 2.2 and Google TV

Updated 25-May-2010: Froyo availability information updated including links to Froyo ROM downloads.  Corrected:  Streaming non-DRM music over the air from your PC to the phone is a future release feature and is NOT in Froyo. As expected yesterday’s Google I/O announcements were all about Android. Android OS 2.2 code named  FroYo (“Frozen Yogurt”),  and Google TV, which runs Android, were announced. Neither is available to yet. FroYo: Google is certainly raising the bar with Android 2.2. The major new features … Continue reading

Trying Google Buzz on Android, Symbian – and the N900

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably heard that Google released Buzz yesterday.  Details are on the Google Blog. Buzz appears to be Google’s attempt at building an app that combines the best features of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare into a single all singing, all dancing desktop AND mobile service. With Buzz you can publicly or privately post status updates, photos and videos, view your friends Buzzes and view nearby Buzzes on a map.  Buzzes can automatically include … Continue reading

Nexus One Brings PC Pricing Model to Phones

Google’s Nexus One launch this week was interesting for several reasons, the phone’s much faster processor, OLED screen and a form factor resembling the iPhone’s have led it to be dubbed an “iPhone Killer”.  Much is also being made of the fact that Google is now selling phones directly to consumers. But that’s  hardly revolutionary, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have long been more than willing to sell you a phone from their websites. And unlocked phones are available from Amazon … Continue reading

A Mobile Friendly PageRank Finder

I know that a lot of webmasters obsess over their site’s Google PageRank. It’s one of Google’s measures (on a scale of 0 to 10) of a site’s value. A higher PageRank is supposed to correlate with  high placements in search results and thus potentially greater ad revenue. Google seems to be devaluing PageRank of late, removing it from Webmaster Tools and publicly stating that it is only one of 200 signals that they use to rank sites and claiming … Continue reading

Google’s Big QR Code Push – 100,000 Favorite Places Get Store Front Decals

Yesterday Google did something that should light a fire under the lagging adoption of mobile barcodes in the US.  They are sending window decals featuring a QR code to the 100,000 US businesses that are  most searched using Google.  The decals also have the Google Maps logo and identify the business as a “Favorite Place on Google“. Users with QR code readers on their phones can point the phone’s camera at the QR code, press a button and be taken … Continue reading

YouTube Mobile Site Update – Direct Mobile Video Uploads, Commenting and More

The newly redesigned YouTube mobile site ( adds social sharing features and direct video uploading.   The new version, which was released August 6, 2009, doesn’t really look much different. The new stuff isn’t visible until you log in. I’ll admit that I didn’t actually have a YouTube account until yesterday, I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, mostly by following links from other sites but I never really felt the need to share my own videos on the … Continue reading

Is the Web on Mobile Phones “Total Rubbish”?

Photo: Yummy Scummy by Zach Manchester – Some Rights Reserved There’s been quite a stir lately about the viability of the Web on mobile devices with various folks pronouncing it inferior especially in comparison with mobile applications. Yesterday Malcolm Murphy at Mobile Industry Review blasted; “Can we all admit that ‘Mobile Web’ is total rubbish? ” He pointed out that there’s a huge gap in performance and usability between web apps in desktop browsers and those on phone.  Specifically; Mobile … Continue reading