Latest UC Browser 9.4 (Signed Java Version) Modified to Remove the Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones

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270 thoughts on “Latest UC Browser 9.4 (Signed Java Version) Modified to Remove the Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones

  1. I am rosh, denis i try to modified that, but when i opend jad file with wordpad then its change into text document. And when i save the file its show text document, hw i Can modified plz reply me in details. I cant Modified plz reply fast or email me.
  2. hey denis i try to modified other version but its show and convert in text docoment plz reply how i can modified those aplicasn plz ans fast
  3. how can i use unlimitted uc browser? there a any registration or load to hve unlimitted access...coz i used uc browser half hour only and it cost php.10...
  4. :-] dennis,just want to compliment you on your site,its full of helpful information.sir,I downloaded a ton of games,3 versions of uc,one browserand opera mini.i was having very fast browsing w/the 8.9 version,but last fdw days the pages half load and just sit there.are there too many browsers there and which should I stick with (huawei U7519 ). also,it took me an hour(page by page) to get to " newest comments." Is there a shortcut? thanks!
    • UC 8.9 probably got corrupted. Delete it and re-install.

      The only way to find the best browser for you and your phone is trial and error. The latest one is usually the best but if you have problems with it try progressively older ones until you find one that works.
      Comments are listed newest first under each post. There's also a link to to the ten most recent comments in the sidebar on every page of the site's PC version.
  5. hi,new here.can anyone plz tell me the best browser version for my huawei U7519? also,most sites say "java not enabled" yet i know it is on in settings menu.(items downloaded to my apps run in java fine)
  6. it just show error nothing else ! Sir, i also reinstll uc but their is same response.! Please help me sir because i love this browser
    • There's not much you can do other than report the issue on the UC Browser forum and hope that they fix it. Use Opera Mini or the phone's built in browser for Facebook in the meantime.
  7. sir, actually i don't understand what you want to say ? How can i reinstall my older software?..... Is this browser not work on my new software
  8. why uc 8.9 is not support my samsung c3312 when i start to browsing it .it show error,however it support my same handest before some days and before when i installed new software in my mobile . Please help me for browsing it again!
    • If you modified the jad and installed the app using the jad the keypad should not be there. I'm not sure what went wrong but check your work. If you can't figure it out paste the .jad text or a link to it in a comment and I'll take a look.
  9. Can you help me....
    am understand how to modified the jad. File......but when
    Am trying modified Facebook application for every phone version 3.0.1 it's run normaly 240x300 screen size .......
    plz help. Or can you modified it......plz...
    thanx in advance
  10. Hello Dennis Bournique,

    I have uc browser 8.4 You told us before that u browser itself cannot play youtube movies, because that depends on the mediaplayer. First we had Android, also with a uc browser (probably an older version, but i can not remove version 8.4 now)
    But we have Meridian as mediaplayer , but also moboplayer does not work.
    Do you please have a suggestion?

    Kind regards Irene Reijnen
    • The purpose of this post was to show people how to modify apps for touchscreen. Now that you know how it's your turn to do the work. I don't have the time to modify apps on request for everyone.
  11. Thnx 4 replying m gona try it, bt i used it by downloading the jar file 2 the same folder wit the jad file. Open the jad file n i can instal it directly
  12. i have some pblm denis, i want more uc browser in my samsung c3312 phone and i instal various version, but all be replaced in one for same name ucbrowser. How i do now say me yar.
  13. Hello sir can you help me please i have a problem with uc browseR (8.0 to 8.9) they didn't open in my samsung gt e2652 they show error
    • It's a Beta. I will wait for the official final release on the main UC site.

      If you want the Beta follow the instructions in the post to create your own touch optinized version.
    • The problem is probably due to the limited capabilities of your phone's media player and nothing to due with UC Browser. I bet you get the same results downloading the files with the phone's built in browser.
      I'm just a blogger and not part of the UC Browser development team so I can't fix UC.
      Please turn off your caps lock when commenting here. It's ugly, hard to read and makes you look like you are yelling.
  15. Sir when i play the downloaded files then vdo breaking down and when i exit to my brower then my all files remove my handset is samsang C3312 so plz modefie this ver. 8.8
    • I don't understand what files you are trying to play or what playing files has to do with UC Browser.

      Also, what's "VDO"?

      In any case fixing bugs in UC Browser is beyond my abilities.
    • UC Browser isn't a video player. It tries to open videos in the phone's native media player. So only video sites that work with the phone's built-in browser will work in UC Browser.

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