Opera Mini Next for Symbian Updated

Opera Mini Next Symbian Update 1  - Speed Dials Opera Mini Next Symbian Update 1  - Smart Page

A new Beta, a.k.a “Next”, version of Opera Mini,  labeled “Opera Mini Next for Symbian/S60 – update 1″, is now available for Symbian 2nd edition and latter devices. Download it by pointing your Symbian native browser at m.opera.com/next.  The update  fixes a number of the bugs in the first release. There are no new features.  Here’s the change log:

  • Fixed freeze problem when loading big Opera Link account
  • Fixed crash logger reporting
  • Fixed web forms auto-submission issue
  • Fixed search suggestions
  • Fixed a number of Smart Page issues
  • Improved version of Smart Page on touch phones
  • Improved Speed Dial thumbnails caching
  • Various bug- and stability fixes

Opera Mini Next is a Beta version of the next Opera Mini stable release, which which is expected to be Opera Mini 7.0.  It’s intended to let users try out the new version and report any issues they find to the Opera Mini development team. Compared with the current Opera 6.5 stable release, Opera Mini Next includes the following enhancements and new functionality:

  • Support for more than 9 speed dials – you can add as many as you like, or as many as your device can handle.
  • A new “Smart Page” tab on the Opera Mini start page that provides quick access to your favorite sites, the latest updates from Facebook and Twitter, news gathered from your favorite sites (via their RSS feeds) and suggested links.
  • Improved support for Right To Left languages.
  • Tab improvements – Tabs are now closed with one click on touch screen devices. And when you close a tab, Opera Mini will switch to the one you used last.
  • No more “www.” in address bar. The auto completion still supports it, though.
  • Session restore – When you exit Opera Mini with open tabs, the same tabs will be opened automatically the next time you start Opera Mini.
  • Quick access to URL/search bar by clicking on Symbian status bar (only for S60 5.0 and Symbian^3/Anna phones).
  • Support for Russian input in the Opera Virtual Keyboard (in Russian language version only).
  • Stability improvements.
  • Localization in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu.

I loaded the update on a Nokia N8 running the latest Belle OS. I was one of the users hit by the Opera link freeze problem in the previous Opera Mini Next release. The bug caused the browser to lock up if Opera Link was enabled, making Link unusable. Opera Link is a free service that backs up your bookmarks and custom search engines and synchronize them across all your copies of Opera both desktop and mobile.

I’m happy to report that with this update Opera Link is able to synchronize my “big” Opera Link account in less than 30 seconds. I also noticed a big improvement in the time it takes the Speed Dial icons to be displayed when launching the browser. A rendering issue that caused text to be duplicated when scrolling sideways on the Smart Page also seems to be fixed.

If you are running the original Opera Mini Next version this update is recommended. If you haven’t tried Opera Mini Next you should.  This release is seems to be production quality. Please report any bus you find at mini.bugs.opera.com.

Opera Mini Next Symbian Update 1  - Google News Touch Opera Mini Next Symbian Update 1  - WordPress Dashboard

9 thoughts on “Opera Mini Next for Symbian Updated

  1. which is the latest version:
    mini 7.0.30701 OR
    And which is called mini ‘next’?

    • Minor point revisions of Opera Mini are mostly meaningless to users. They typically involve adding a new sponsors bookmark or speed dial or a fix for a bug that only effects a few devices. Versions may also vary by markets.

      To find the latest versions go to http://m.opera.com and http://m.opera.com/next with the Symbian browser, download them and check Menu > Help > About Opera.

      In the US Market the latest Symbian V3-Belle native versions are:
      Opera Mini 7.0.30697
      Opera Mini Next 7.00.3710

  2. i installed the new opera mini next on my Nokia E5 but the session restore is not working. It used to work earlier. Please help.

  3. It’s superb,with new qualities, i was facing problem in streaming videos in my n73 after using opera Mini next i am viewing videos in good quality. And it is also speedly compare of opera mini 6.5. And some are superb features in it.and a good icon of opera. I am very happy with opera mini next for symbion s60

  4. I, too, love Next over previous versions of OM. However, I have a tendency to exit OM with tabs open, and would prefer the option of disabling “Auto Restore of Open Tabs.” There’s a fancy “Smart Page” I hardly ever see, due to my own laziness!

  5. I have no problem in opera mini next (first version) in my symbian s60v3 device. It is too good than opera mini 6.5. But I will try new version without removing the first version :)

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