Delivr Update Simplifies Mobile Sharing

Delivr Mobile Landing Page

I’ve been using since launched in December.  It’s so powerful and does so many things that it’s hard to summarize.  I covered it in depth here.

One use of Delivr is as a mobile aware short URL service with one-click posting to many social networking and bookmarking sites. Supported services include  Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Bookmarks, Jaiku, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Plaxo and Delivr’s own micro-blogging service.

That’s not all though, using the same one click iterface, you can send Delivr links by email or SMS  or generate a QRcode.

Delivr is also a social bookmarking and micro-blogging service in it’s own right. If you create a free account at, every Delivr you create will be stored in your time line.  You can view and manage all your Delivrs, see analytics showing how many times each has been shared or viewed, follow other Delivr users to add their Delivrs to your timeline and see who is following you.

A new Delivr feature lets you tie third party analytics from TigTags or Percent Mobile to your Delivr account to get even more detailed information on the traffic passing through Delivr.

While Delivr has always been mobile aware, it hasn’t been particularly easy to create a Delivr from your mobile phone because there wasn’t a bookmarklet that worked in mobile browsers.

Bookmarklets, which are supported by Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Mobile IE and Blazer, let you send page meta-data including URL, description and keywords to web services with a single click.  This lets you effortlessly do things like  post a URL to Delicious, invoke Google translate on the current page or use a mobile service to transcode and download a Flash video in mobile friendly format. Bookmarklets do so much to make mobile browsing easier and more productive.  They are especially useful on phones that don’t support copy and paste.

Delivr has a bookmarklet, but it’s 466 bytes of complex JavaScript that invokes a transparent pop up. It’s too much for Opera Mini and Mobile to handle. I haven’t tried it in PIE and Blazer but I doubt it would work with those browsers either.

Yesterday Delivr released an enhancement designed to make it easier to use in any browser.  You can now create a Delivr by typing  “” to the left of the URL in your browser’s location bar and hiting “return“. So if you wanted to Delivr this post, which has the URL,, you would go to the browser’s address bar and change it to  This works well in desktop browsers and in mobile browsers that let you modify the current URL such as Opera Mini 4.2.

I nice side effect of this enhancement is that it exposes a new RESTful API that makes it trivial to create a bookmarklet that will work in any of the mobile browsers that support bookmarklets.  Here’s the bookmarklet:


Paste or enter that into a bookmark.  When you want to Delivr the page you are currently viewing,  just click on the bookmark. The Delivr landing page, shown in the screenshot above, will load.  From there you can share the link on Twitter, Jaiku or Delicious, send it by email or SMS, or create a flyer or QR Code.

If you’re using Opera Mini it’s even easier to create the bookmark.  You don’t even need to  copy and paste or key anything in. Just visit my Opera mini bookmarkets page at and follow the instructions.  Their are 31 mobile friendly bookmarks on Delivr is in the Tools section.

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