Download the New UC Browser 7.5 Beta For Java ME

UC 7.5 - Facebook Desktop Uc 7.5 - Free Copy

Yesterday China’s UC Mobile Ltd released a Beta of the a 7.5 version of the UC Browser for Java ME. It’s available in English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Russian, but only from the UC Forum.

Registration is required to download from the forum and I experienced problems installing the app via my phone’s browser using the Jad file links in the forum post.  There was a minor formatting issue with the files.  I posted direct links to corrected versions of the English files below for your convenience.

New features in this release include:

  • Copy text directly from webpages. (image above, right) UC calls this “Free Copy”. This feature has been available in the Symbian and Android native versions of UC for some time but is new to the Java one.
  • Webpage pre-fetch, speed up browsing by loading linked pages in the background. This is an optional feature which can be turned on in the Preferences menu (image below, right).
  • Proxy support is built into the browser.  This useful for users of Nokia S40 phones which do not provide a way to configure the  proxy settings that some mobile operators require for packet data access (image below, left).

This release retains the UC browser’s traditional strengths which include:

  • Speed: Like Opera Mini and Bolt, UC is a thin client proxy based browser. A UC proxy server compresses and optimizes pages before sending them to the phone.  Pages load up to 10 times faster than with conventional browsers.  Compression also reduces the size of pages by a similar amount making browsing less expensive for users who pay by the KB or MB.
  • Tabbed Browsing: You can easily open links and bookmarks in a new window. There’s even an option to open links in the background without leaving the current page.
  • Powerful Download Manager: UC supports pausing and resuming downloads, background downloading while continuing to browse and downloading multiple files simultaneously.
  • Fit to Width: UC defaults to fit to width mode which reformats pages into a single column for easy reading with no horizontal. This is especially useful with phones with small screens.  Unlike Opera Mini’s buggy “Mobile View” which frequently fails to fit textto the screen, UC’s  fit to with works properly on all sites. If you prefer to see pages in their original layout UC  you can switch to “PC View” in the Preferences menu.

UC 7.5 - Proxy Settings UC 7.5 - Preload Settings

UC seems to have made considerable progress in fixing the site compatibly issues that have dogged the browser for the past year or so.  I had no problem loading a number of sites that gave me problems in the past including, Facebook (mobile and full versions) and Google Reader and Mail.

Rendering also seems improved, especially in PC View. While it’s not perfect, the overlapping text and images that used to bedevil PC View seem to be largely banished.

This is a Java ME app optimized on feature phones.  It also works well on Symbian 2nd and 3rd edition phones (The screenshots on this page are from my N95).

I don’t recommend this Beta for touch-only devices.  It uses a heirarchical menu system with lots of useful user-configurable shortcuts. It’s designed for use with a keypad and arrow keys. While I was able to install it on a Nokia N8 and everything worked, it was quite frustrating and error-prone tapping into tiny nested menus to perform common actions like entering a URL, going back a page or saving a bookmark. The touch-optimized  native Symbian version of UC 7.4  for S60 5th edition and Symbian^3 is a better choice for these phones.

For now there is no official English version of UC 7.5 for other platforms. I expect that  native versions will eventually be available for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and jailbroken iPhones. The current 7.4 (7.2 for Android) versions for these platforms already support free copy and benefit from the server improvements, so you really aren’t missing much using the older versions.

One thing that UC doesn’t have but desperately needs is a touch-optimized Java version.  All but the most basic feature phones are rapidly moving to touch.  Without a finger friendly Java app UC is losing out on a sizable and growing portion of the market.

UC 7.5 UC 7.5 - Flickr

UC Browser 7.5 English Beta Direct Download links:
Signed Jad
Unsigned Jad

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35 thoughts on “Download the New UC Browser 7.5 Beta For Java ME

  1. how I download 7.5 uc browser for my Android phone samsung s3 mini,
    I need this version download to my mobile other version easily downloaded please tell me..

    • The links on this page aren’t for BlackBerrys. To download a BlackBerry specific version:
      1. Set your BlackBerry browser’s emulation mode to “BlackBerry”
      2. Go to
      3. Click the appropriate language link (EN, RU, VI or ID)
      4. Click the Download button

  2. Hi Dennis!

    Just a quick heads-up to anyone who may be using the UC browser. I am a big fan; I find it easier, more intuitive and generally faster to use than Opera mini.

    I’m writing this follow-up because just a few days ago, my UC browser prompted me to upgrade to a newly released version, version 8.0. I have never been disappointed with UC upgrades – until this one. Based on my experience, version 8.0 is slower than 7.9 and less attractive – with a new page layout and some funky graphics, including a flourescent green progress bar that ‘throbs’ while it downloads pages. The upgrade also wiped out my downloaded themes and many of my bookmarks, which really pissed me off.

    Worst of all, they installed some kind of traffic counter, which shows how much bandwidth you’ve saved by using UC – which would be OK, except it comes in the form of an REALLY annoying pop-up that cannot be disabled.

    Long story short; after 2 days running version 8.0, I was so disappointed with it, I reinstalled version 7.9 – and everything is back to normal. Just wanted to throw that out there. If you’re using UC browser 7.9 – I’d suggest you keep it.

    Best wishes,


    • On what platform (Symbian, Android, Java, BlackBerry)? AFAIK 8.0 has only been released for Symbian and Android. I tried both versions briefly and speed seemed OK. I didn’t see the traffic monitor. I did notice the green progress bar but it didn’t bother me.

    • Hi

      Symbian, for Nokia N8.

      I should point out that I’m in China, which may have something to do with it.

      I noticed the slower speed immediately, btw – on wi-fi as well as with my mobile carrier. The traffic pop-ups started after 10 or 15 minutes of surfing – and continued to ‘pop-up’ at regular intervals thereafter. I could probably live with the new design features, but the combination of negatives mentioned above – well, it was just not a move up, in my opinion.

      Version 7.9 is stable, attractive and fast … and I’ll keep it until hell freezes over :)

    • PS …

      The traffic counter is well-hidden in the tools menu within the ‘help’ submenu. I searched for a way to turn it off, to no avail. I should mention I’m anal about pop-ups. Can’t stand ’em. In fact, at least for me, it was reason enough to go back to 7.9. Speaking of going back, I was quite pleased when I reinstalled version 7.9 to see that my bookmarks and missing themes were still there.

    • Yeah, the counter sounds annoying, If I start getting that I’ll probably roll back to 7.9 too. I only use UC for one site I only have to visit occasionally (the PhpBB admin panel for a forum) that doesn’t work in Opera Mini but does in UC.

  3. wat is d proxy address and port using ucbrowser with my nokia 6500s? Please send me the proper proxy on my email add.thanks

    • Proxy settings depend on which operator and plan you are using.
      Most operators don’t require and proxy settings but for the ones that do it’s different for each operator.
      Contact your operator or look on their website to find the proxy settings

  4. Ucbrowser is not working in my mobile samsung gt says error while opening error code8 connection failed.
    i made mistake buying this fscking samsung mobile.

  5. Ucbrowser is not functioning in my mobile samsung gt says error while opening error code8 connection failed.

  6. UC has chngd d dimension of mobile brwsng on ma 6600 phone.Clearly its 1 of d bst invntn of d decade.hats of 2 d creatrs,yol hav done an awsum job

  7. niether any of the versions of uc are working on my phone..
    really samsung is a stupid companies that creates stupid phones

    • Same as any other mobile Java app. Click one of the download links in your mobile browser. Try them i this order:
      signed JAD
      Unsigned JAD
      and keep the first one that works.

  8. UC is the best than other mobile browser that i ever use, but only one make me not comfort. When i writing in arabic. It will be reversed. When someone writing arabic in facebook for example. That will be shown reversed

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