Carriers Abuse Java ME Signing

I’m sick and tired of network operators and handset manufacturers blocking applications from access to certain phone features in the name of “security”. This may not be an issue for the majority of mobile users who never install programs on their phones. But for someone like me interested in pushing the limits of what can be done with these little computers the limitations are very frustrating. I install every native and Java application I find just to see what it … Continue reading

Motorola Opens Up iDEN

Motorola has been embracing Open Source lately, releasing their Java ME 3.0 implementation under the Apache license. Moto is also the leading producer of Linux OS phones although none are available in the US. While it’s not Open Source, Motorola has also released iDenJAL. For the 24 million users on iDEN networks this means that loading Java games and applications just got a whole lot easier. This new tool allows anyone to transfer Java ME programs from their Windows 2000 … Continue reading

Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machine Forums (SMF) is free server software for hosting a user forum. The reason why I’m writing about SMF on Wap Review is that every SMF forum by default, is a mobile site. This a great feature and I think as the mobile web continues to grow in popularity more and more server packages will offer this sort of built in mobile version. I first saw this trend with Microsoft’s Live Spaces (review) blog platform and now there’s SMF. … Continue reading