Sprint Shares Location Data with Mobile Web Site!

I’ve been waiting for this to happen. I know most of you are probably tired of all the hype around mobile location based services (LBS). Location is not a panacea, it’s just another technology that can enhance a limited number of mobile services. As Russell Beattie said, “Most LBS applications are a black hole of wasted time, effort, money, and opportunity.” I generally agree, but as even Russ in one of his better rants admits, an area where location really … Continue reading

MizPee – Your Mobile Toilet Advisor

MizPee (mizpee.com/mizpee/Mainmenu.do) is a new mobile site that aims to help you find a place to go when you gotta go. The premise is simple, enter an address and MizPee will find the nearest public restroom. Toilets are user rated from 1-5, represented not by stars but by toilet paper roll icons. Hours are listed along with whether there is handicapped access, a baby changing table or a charge for using the loo. Listings are currently limited to New York, … Continue reading

InfoSpace FindIt

InfoSpace.com is an interesting mobile company. It’s a mobile web pioneer – launching it’s first mobile site – a phone directory search eight years ago. It’s a real survivor too. The company weathered the original Internet bubble, the early failure of WAP and it’s own mismanagement to build a relatively successful business creating mobile sites and back end services for mobile providers. Some of the services InfoSpace provides to carriers include portals, messaging, white label web and directory search services … Continue reading

Local Search Shootout

This piece started as a review of Local.com‘s new mobile site (mobile.local.com). It’s got a simple, efficient user interface, understood addresses in every format I tried and it was very good at determining what I was searching for and returning relevant results. Most importantly, Local.com seems to return more results for my queries than other local search engines. I wanted to quantify what I was seeing and came up with some simple metrics for comparing local search engines. The things … Continue reading