The Engadget Demobilizer – A Bookmarklet To View Engadget’s Desktop Version In Opera Mini

Engadget is my favorite source of news about all sorts of tech including mobile devices, platforms and apps. I was a little worried when AOL acquired Engadget and many of my favorite writers left.  But the new crew at Engadget is great, they’re delivering lots of well written and well edited breaking news stories, reviews and great photos and videos of the latest gear. I like Engadget’s mobile site at too. Well actually I like it in most mobile browsers … Continue reading

Why You Should Take Mobile Web Traffic Statistics With A Grain of Salt

We’ve all seen charts like the one above from StatCounter, often accompanied by headlines saying things like “the iPhone is responsible for 64% of all mobile traffic”,  “4.5% of all web traffic comes from mobile browsers”, or “smartphones are responsible for over half of all mobile page views”. These reports make interesting reading but I’m not sure how accurate most of them are. The data usually comes from analytics services like Quantcast, StatCounter or Net Applications. These services do a … Continue reading

Is the Web on Mobile Phones “Total Rubbish”?

Photo: Yummy Scummy by Zach Manchester – Some Rights Reserved There’s been quite a stir lately about the viability of the Web on mobile devices with various folks pronouncing it inferior especially in comparison with mobile applications. Yesterday Malcolm Murphy at Mobile Industry Review blasted; “Can we all admit that ‘Mobile Web’ is total rubbish? ” He pointed out that there’s a huge gap in performance and usability between web apps in desktop browsers and those on phone.  Specifically; Mobile … Continue reading

Ten New Mobile Hotel Sites From Wyndham

Wyndham Hotels Group, the worlds largest hotelier, has launched ten mobile sites, one for each of Wyndham’s brands that operate in the U.S. I have my doubts about the multiple site strategy. After a hard day on the road I just want to find the nearest available room at a price I can afford.  I could care less whether it’s a Days Inn, Super 8 or Microtel.  I certainly don’t want to visit ten sites.  Instead I would probably use … Continue reading