Mobify Lands Boing Boing

Boing Boing, the hugely popular blog covering entertainment, technology, gadgets, politics, fair use and all manner of weird things, has gone mobile. Virtually all of Boing Boing’s content, including videos and blog comments, is available in the site’s mobile view at, which mobile browsers now see by default. There is a link to the full site on the mobile pages for those who prefer desktop formatting on their phones. The new mobile presence is the work of Vancouver based … Continue reading – A Blog for Mobile Web Developers

There is a new blog aimed specifically at mobile web developers. It’s and offers tutorials, tips and tricks, code snippets and mobile site and toolkit reviews. I think that there is a real need for a site like this. Mobile web development is a subset of web development in general but it isn’t currently given much coverage by the big web development sites like Webdesigner’s Depot and SitePoint. Coders is new and doesn’t have a huge amount of content … Continue reading

Why No “How Stuff Works” Articles On is a great site featuring thousands of articles that uses  non-technical language, charts, diagrams and videos how all sorts of complex products, technologies and processes work. Typical articles have titles like “How X works” where “X” can be anything from “OLEDs” to “identity theft“. I recently discovered that How Stuff Works has a mobile site and immediately headed there to check it out. I have to say I was a little disappointed. There’s nothing wrong with the site’s design,it’s … Continue reading

CSS Bug Spoils Useful Mobile Apartment Finder

UDR is United Dominion Realty which owns and manages a number of large apartment complexes in U.S. cities. UDR’s mobile site, should make relatively easy to find rental units in major U.S. cities with your mobile phone. With it you can browse by state and city or use an advanced search form that lets you filter results by price, number of bedrooms and baths and available amenities like a pool, air conditioning and whether pets are permitted. Searches return … Continue reading

Scottrade Mobile – Quotes, Trading and More

U.S. discount stock broker Scottrade has a new mobile site with a rich feature set. Public features, available without login, include market research and news (markets overview, statistics, news & commentary, analyst views and a brief market calendar), stock quotes and research (news & commentary, charts, options, fundamentals, insider transactions, earnings, financials and a stock screener), ETF quotes and research (news & commentary, charts, options, performance, portfolio, expenses, Lipper rankings and ETF screener). Scottrade customers can log in to make … Continue reading

How To Get The Official Wimbledon Site on Any Mobile

The Championships at Wimbledon, the world’s premiere tennis event started yesterday and will continue through the next two weeks.  This year, the Wimbledon organizers, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, have commissioned IBM to create a mobile web site and iPhone and Android apps for the event. Sadly there’s a bit of fail with both the mobile site and the Android app. claims that you can point your mobile browser at for the mobile site. And … Continue reading

No More Openwave SDKs?

I was trying to help a mobile web developer track down a problem that was keeping his pages from displaying properly on phones with Openwave browsers, which are still widely used on feature phones from U.S. operators.  I was going to suggest that he grab the Client SDK, which is really just a browser simulator, off the Openwave developer site. When I went there, I couldn’t find it, just an message that Openwave had sold their browser business to Purple … Continue reading

A List Apart Mobile

A List Apart (ALA) is a highly regarded online magazine covering web design and development started by Jeffrey Zeldman in 1998.  ALA is notable not only for the quality of its articles but also for the visual design and standards compliance of the site. ALA last week launched a mobile version which continues the tradition of superior design and usability set by the main site. ALA mobile scores 5 out of 5 on the test and the markup validates. … Continue reading