Google Acquires Motorola, Spoils TabCo Launch

Today was supposed  to be TabCo‘s big day when the curtains were pulled back to reveal a new tablet manufacturer whose  revolutionary product would relegate Apple and Android to the dustbin. Well Google apparently had other ideas (not really, I don’t think they care a wiff about TabCo) and annouced their intent to aquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billon. Make no mistake, the Google Motorola deal is strictly about getting a hold of Motorola’s portfolio of 17, 000 patents. That combined with Google’s existing 7, 500 … Continue reading

Mobilize 09 – Moto and INQ With Android, Oh Boy!

I attended yesterday’s Mobilize conference in San Fransisco and did a quick post about Motorola’s big announcement,  the Cliq with MOTOBLUR.  I wanted to follow up with a little bit more about the conference and my analysis about why I think Android is significant for mobile web browsing and mobile web services. Mobilize was very well done.  Kudos to Om and his staff and sponsors for sweating the details and making Mobilize a good experience for everyone.  Things like good … Continue reading

Motorola’s First Android, the “Cliq” With MOTOBLUR

Motorola’s first Android phone was announced today by Motorola CTO Sanjay Jha at GigaOm’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco.  The phone is Motorola Cliq MB200, which looks like the same phone that was widely leaked as the Morrison.  Thankfully the toy-like bright blue trim featured in most of the leaked shots has been replaced by basic black.  Specs include: 3.1-inch HVGA touch-screen display 5 megapixel auto focus camera with geo tagging, video capture and 24 fps playback 3.5mm headset jack … Continue reading

No More Openwave SDKs?

I was trying to help a mobile web developer track down a problem that was keeping his pages from displaying properly on phones with Openwave browsers, which are still widely used on feature phones from U.S. operators.  I was going to suggest that he grab the Client SDK, which is really just a browser simulator, off the Openwave developer site. When I went there, I couldn’t find it, just an message that Openwave had sold their browser business to Purple … Continue reading

Motorola launches Widgets and Mobile Linux SDK

Not to be outdone by Access, Motorola held their own developer event, MotoDev Workshop, at LinuxWorld today. It was much better attended than the Access get together with a SRO crowd of about 100 people. It probably helped that Motorola made the event free at the last minute (vs the advertised $95), included lunch and had signs up all over Moscone Center promoting the Workshop. There were a couple of significant announcements. The long promised, oft delayed SDK for native … Continue reading