Google Latitude – This is Big!

Last month Google killed four of their mobile services (Jaiku, Notes, Dodgeball and the iPhone and Android specific variants of iGoogle) and I was starting to have doubts about the search and advertising giant’s commitment to mobile. I shouldn’t have doubted, on Monday Google rolled out Tasks for Mobile, and today launched a brand new service, Google Latitude. Latitude adds location tracking to the Google Maps mobile application and to iGoogle on the desktop.  You can track yourself and anyone … Continue reading

The Symbian Blog Goes Mobile With A New WordPress Plugin

I recently found Vaibhav Sharma’s site, The Symbian Blog.  The name is a little misleading as focus of the site seems to be mainly Nokia and S60  rather than Symbian as a whole.  There’s very little about UIQ and MOAP. But I suppose that’s OK as those platforms are likely to soon become history and Symbian will become  a synonym for S60. The site is updated daily and features product announcements, hardware and software reviews and tips for getting the … Continue reading

Skyfire Browser Beta 0.85 for S60 – Full Review

Several readers have confirmed that the latest SkyFire Browser Beta can be downloaded and used anywhere in the  world.  Just point your mobile or PC Browser at and download.  No registration is required.  Skyfire runs on most Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and Symbian S60 3rd edition phones. I’ve been using the new Beta, v, on my N95-3 for a couple of days now – here are my impressions. Keep in mind that Skyfire is a Beta. There … Continue reading

Skyfire’s New Beta – UK and Probably World Availability

Good news from Skyfire. Beta 0.85 of the Skyfire Browser has been released! Best of all, it’s now a direct mobile download and registration is no longer required.  Until today Skyfire was only available to users in the US and Canada.  With direct download and no registration I’m thinking anyone in the world should be able to use it now. The Skyfire website mentions that UK users will be connected to a new UK server but doesn’t say anything about … Continue reading

CTIA: Day One

I’m at CTIA in San Francisco today.  Just attended the keynote and Yahoo press conference. Yahoo made a couple of big announcements at the keynote today. OneConnect is live, only on the iPhone so far, but Java, S60 and Windows Mobile support is coming by year end. The Blueprint widget platform has been extended with runtimes that support creating stand alone mobile applications and mobile websites using the same Blueprint markup language as Yahoo Mobile widgets. The apps are free standing.  … Continue reading

Joel Spolsky’s Nokia E71 Rave

E71 image courtesy of Nokia Author and widely read tech blogger (Joel on Software), Joel Spolsky  published a rave review today of Nokia’s newest QWERTY business phone, the E71.  Ever since this phone was announced, I’ve thought it would be a huge success.  Smaller, thinner and lighter than the Blackberry Curve or iPhone; tons of memory; fast, stable, expandable S60 OS and a keyboard that just about every reviewer seems to like in spite of what appear to be minuscule … Continue reading

S60 Widgets Library

Nokia’s S60 Widgets were launched at CTIA 2007 but until recently it was hard to find many actual Widgets to install. That’s not a problem anymore as Nokia has created a Widget Library on the mobile web with over 1000 Widgets to choose from. “Widget” is such confusingly generic name.  The word is just so overloaded with different meanings. There are desktop widgets and browser widgets for PCs,  J2ME based mobile widgets, GUI Widgets in various development tools and probably … Continue reading

Skyfire S60 Beta Available

At last! The Skyfire browser is available for S60 3rd Edition phones (Nokia N95, N82, E71, etc). I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since it was first announced, what a year ago? It’s a closed beta, so head on over to skyfire.comand sign up if you haven’t already. If you were accepted for the Windows Mobile Beta, as I was although I never installed as I don’t have a WinMo phone, it looks like you are automatically in the Symbian one … Continue reading