UCWEB 6.5 English Beta

Guangzhou’s Ucfly is putting together a new release of their UCWEB browser.  It’s version 6.5 and a Beta for S60 and Java phones was released on Monday.  The resourceful crew on the UCWEB English forums have already translated all the menu’s and prompts to English for the Java and S60 2nd and 3rd Edition variants. You can read more about 6.5 and download the translated application from the following forum threads: Java translated by New88 Another Java translation by mannuforall … Continue reading

Official Release of UCWEB 6.3 For Java ME

Thanks to tips from a couple of readers, I can report that the official English version of UCWEB 6.3 for Java ME phones is now available. You can read the release announcement on the UCWEB forum here. Download the new release from http://www.uc.cn/English/download.shtml (PC) or  http://wap.ucweb.com (mobile). New features in this release are listed as: Brand new UI Optimization of page layout Intelligent input of address Optimization of download management and flow. Number keys for main menu and context menu. … Continue reading

Updated: UCWEB 6.3 Official Signed English Version Released for S60

Updated 23-Nov-2009: with current download links. Regular Wap Review commenter and tipster, JBpseudo emailed me that UCWEB has released an official English version of the free UCWEB  6.3 full-web browser for S60 V3, V2 and V1 phones .  These are signed. sisx/.sis files and can be installed on unmodified, unhacked phones unlike the unofficial (and unsigned) English translation of 6.3 released a few months ago. The new release was  officially announced on the UCWEB forum today.  You can grab the files … Continue reading

Bolt Browser Review

I’ve been playing with the Bolt browser for a couple of hours now and my impressions are generally pretty good.  Bolt is from Cambridge, Massachusetts based Bitstream, a company best known for it’s digital fonts and font rendering software. But Bitstream is not new to the browser field, they also produce the ThunderHawk browser for Windows Mobile and  Symbian. Bolt, like ThanderHawk (and Opera Mini, Skyfire, UCWEB and Teashark),  is a server based browser meaning that much of the page  … Continue reading