Updated: UCWEB 6.3 Official Signed English Version Released for S60

Updated 23-Nov-2009: with current download links. Regular Wap Review commenter and tipster, JBpseudo emailed me that UCWEB has released an official English version of the free UCWEB  6.3 full-web browser for S60 V3, V2 and V1 phones .  These are signed. sisx/.sis files and can be installed on unmodified, unhacked phones unlike the unofficial (and unsigned) English translation of 6.3 released a few months ago. The new release was  officially announced on the UCWEB forum today.  You can grab the files … Continue reading

Serve Mobile or Full Content to Full-Web Mobile Browsers?

The distinction between the mobile web and the “full” web is getting fuzzy. We have millions of phones running full-web browsers such as Opera, Safari, S60Webkit and NetFront that can display almost any web site.  Not only can these browsers handle JavaScript but the latest S60WebKit can play Flash .flv videos in the browser and it plus Opera Mobile 8.65 and 9.5 do a decent job with AJAX pages. Web developers should be asking “Which version of my pages should … Continue reading