A Don’t Miss Event: Mobile 2.0, San Francisco Sept. 11, 2012

One of my favorite mobile events Mobile 2.0, will be held at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt Tuesday, Sept 11th, which is less than a month from now. Mobile 2.0 always has great speakers and panelists and this year is no different. Presenters include Andrew Nash, Director Internet Identity at Google, Sprint VP Russ McGuire, Oracle’s Michael Neuenschwander, Kevin Marks from Salesforce.com, Telefónica’s Daniel Appelquist, GetJar CEO Chris Dury, Michael Rubin, Executive Director, Business Development, AT&T Interactive, Alex Linde, VP, Mobile & … Continue reading

Mobile 2.0 Event Highlights – Design Workshops and Encouraging Entrepreneurship

I spent the day yesterday at Mobile 2.0 in San Francisco.  Great event as always. Highlights for me included Larry Berkin‘s overview of the current and future device landscape, and Jame’s Pearce‘s whirlwind tour of the capabilities of modern mobile browsers and the development tools and libraries for working with then. A new feature of this year’s event were two interactive workshops that were part of the afternoon’s development/design track. The workshops broke the audience up into teams to work on a … Continue reading

Making Money In Mobile – Issues and Strategy

Photo: Some rights reserved by AMagill One of the recurring themes at this week’s Mobile 2.0 conference was how exactly do you make money in mobile? It was the topic of a couple of panels but no clear answer emerged. In talking with other attendees during breaks I found a fairly high level of frustration about revenue opportunities in mobile. It’s not easy for free lance  app developers and mobile web publishers to make a living from their work. Most … Continue reading

Mobile 2.0 Business Day – The Yahoo Phone and Innovation From Africa and Asia

Yesterday’s session of the Mobile 2.0 conference was dubbed the “Business Day“.  The focus was on where the mobile industry is headed and how startups, mobile publishers  and other entrepreneurs can profit from the rapid cycle of  that has characterized mobile since its infancy. It was a long day with over a dozen presentations and panels.  Rather than trying to cover every one of them which would make for a very long post, I’m going to focus on the one … Continue reading

Mobile 2.0 Developer Day – The Rise Of The Web

I attended the Mobile 2.0 Developer Day in Mountain View today. It was the sort of great event I’ve come to expect from the Mobile 2.0 team of Gregory Gorman, Mike Rowehl, Daniel Appelquist, Peter Vesterbacka and Rudy De Waele,  a fast paced day filled with lively presentations and panels. Mobile 2.0 is relatively unique  among mobile events in being a grass roots operation organized by people working in the mobile field or as Daniel Appelquist, put it “By industry … Continue reading

Picking The AppCircus Finalists

I just finished  my stint  helping select the 10 finalists for the AppCircus that will be held at the Mobile 2.0 Europe Developers Conference in Barcelona June 17th. The AppCircus is a traveling showcase of new, innovative mobile applications that are presented in front of a live audience with the winners chosen by popular vote. My role was that of one of  32 mobile developers, bloggers and analysts who picked and ranked their favorite 10 apps from 29 contenders. The … Continue reading

Developers – Demo Your Mobile App At AppCircus – Entries Are Free

This year’s Mobile 2.0 Europe conference will feature  AppCircus, which is a great opportunity for mobile application developers. Entries are free. If your app is one of the 10 selected, you will have 3 minutes on stage to present to fellow developers and industry experts during the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference. The conference audience will nominate one app for the prestigious Mobile Premier Awards to be held during the 2011 Mobile World Congress. The developers applying for the AppCircus will … Continue reading

Mobile 2.0 – Apps vs. Browser Based Web Services

There is tremendous buzz currently around native apps and app stores thanks to the iPhone App phenomenon. This was especially noticeable  during a panel at Mobile 2.0 titled “Developers, Mobile Ecosystem Development & Third Party Services & Applications” The panelists, from Qualcomm, GetJar, O2, Sun and the Symbian Foundation, were all involved with their respective company’s App Store efforts.  While one can hardly blame players in the App store space for touting their vision, I  think it got a little … Continue reading