New UC Browser 7.7 For Symbian, Windows and Java – Touch UI and Performance Enhancements

Last week, UC Browser (formerly UCWEB) launched a new English language edition of UC Browser 7.7 for Symbian V.1-5, Java ME and Windows Mobile touchscreen V.5.0 and latter.  Download it from (PC) or (mobile). The Symbian V.5 download also works on Symbian^3 phones like the N8. New features claimed for this release include: Improved server side compression and caching that reduces data traffic by 30% compared to the previous version of UC Browser. Better mobile page rendering and support … Continue reading

Serve Mobile or Full Content to Full-Web Mobile Browsers?

The distinction between the mobile web and the “full” web is getting fuzzy. We have millions of phones running full-web browsers such as Opera, Safari, S60Webkit and NetFront that can display almost any web site.  Not only can these browsers handle JavaScript but the latest S60WebKit can play Flash .flv videos in the browser and it plus Opera Mobile 8.65 and 9.5 do a decent job with AJAX pages. Web developers should be asking “Which version of my pages should … Continue reading

Fit to Width or Pinch To Zoom?

The iPhone has done so much to generate interest in using the web on phones with its big, beautiful screen and powerful browser with full JavaScript and CSS support.  But the iPhone feature that seems to excite people the most is “Pinch to Zoom”.  Apple has given the  UI, including the browser, a multi-touch interface that lets you use two fingers to zoom; you slide your fingers apart to zoom in and see more details, slide them together to zoom … Continue reading

Silicon.Com goes .Mobi

CNET owned, a UK based news site targeted at corporate IT managers, now has a mobile edition.  The announcement is here and is promoting its .mobi with a link and a banner ad on the PC site’s front page.  A word of warning though, the announcement says in a big bold green font that the mobile URL is but that address just gives me a “Page Not Found” error.  The correct  address is which appears elsewhere … Continue reading

Friendster Mobile Workaround

A week ago I wrote bemoaning the fact the Friendster redirected all mobile browsers, even “full web” ones like Nokia Webkit and Opera to their limited mobile site. The next day the Opera Mini Team made a modification to their servers that allowed OM users to get to the full site. Friendster countered a couple days later with a change that again forced Opera Mini users back to the mobile site. For years there has been an ongoing argument in … Continue reading

The New Friendster Mobile

I covered Friendster’s first mobile site back in December. I wasn’t impressed. I was never able to get it to work on the phone I was using at the time. Plus it required each user to install a widget on their Friendster profile using a PC browser before they could even use the mobile site. Well, it looks like Friendster went back to the drawing board and came up with a completely new mobile site at a new URL, … Continue reading