SmartyPig – Mobile Social Savings Program

SmartyPig is a service that combines online banking, money management and social networking. If that sounds like a weird combination read on. The basic concept of SmartyPig is to help people save for a specific goal, a vacation, new gadget or even a child’s college education. You link SmartyPig with a bank account and set up specific goals each with a name, goal amount and the date you want to achieve your goal. SmartyPig determines how much you will need … Continue reading

Mobypicture – Post Mobile Photos to All Your Networks

Mobypicture ( is a new service that lets you upload pictures from your phone to multiple social networks and blogging platforms including Twitter, Jaiku, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Brightkite, Facebook, Hyves or Vimeo. Uploading is by MMS, email or a “browse for file” web form on the Mobypicture mobile site. When you upload a picture it’s automatically posted to your accounts on all the networks and services you’ve configured in Mobypicture. Mobypicture  works well and seems popular, I’m seeing a … Continue reading

Carnival of the mobilists 167 at London Calling

The Carnival this week is hosted by Andrew Grill at London Calling.  In honor of  the  G20 International Financial Summit, which Andrew calls the other important event besides the Carnival that’s happening this week in London, he’s grouped the posts by the author’s home country. This Carnival is an international affair with articles on the cost of mobile services in Africa  and on mobile opportunities in India and China.  Other items look at using the sensors in mobile phones with … Continue reading

Found on the Mobile Web #56

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1537 mobile sites. Entertainment/Life Style/Fashion and Style Mobile site of Vancouver based young women’s clothing retailer Aritzia.  It’s a slick looking site designed by and featuring fashion photos, runway and interview videos and a store locator. Content: Usability: News Indian … Continue reading

Google Latitude – This is Big!

Last month Google killed four of their mobile services (Jaiku, Notes, Dodgeball and the iPhone and Android specific variants of iGoogle) and I was starting to have doubts about the search and advertising giant’s commitment to mobile. I shouldn’t have doubted, on Monday Google rolled out Tasks for Mobile, and today launched a brand new service, Google Latitude. Latitude adds location tracking to the Google Maps mobile application and to iGoogle on the desktop.  You can track yourself and anyone … Continue reading

FriendFeed To Go

It’s not new, but I just discovered this mobile FriendFeed client.  It’s called FFtoGo and the mobile URL is  It wasn’t developed by FriendFeed but is the creation of Benjamin Golub. He was later hired by FriendFeed but FFtoGo remains independent. The code for FFtoGo is open source, there’s even a link to the source repository at the bottom of each FFtoGo page. If you aren’t familiar with FriendFeed (FF), it’s a service that lets you roll up the … Continue reading

The Third Largest Social Network on the Web Goes Mobile

Quick, what’s the third largest social network (after Facebook and MySpace) in the world based on traffic?   According to both Comscore and Alexa, it’s Hi5, which has 80 million members.  Although it’s based in San Francisco, less than 7% of Hi5’s traffic comes from the US. Available  in 37 languages and dialects, it’s the leading network with Spanish speaking users worldwide and is hugely popular in South America, Africa and Thailand.  Hi5 is also one of the fastest growing large social … Continue reading

The New Mobile Social Windows Live

Yesterday Microsoft released a completely updated mobile web version of Windows Live. This is a very significant upgrade and deserves a thorough look.  To understand the new mobile version you really need to look at the full-web version of Windows Live.  Microsoft is in the middle of a massive roll-out of a new and revamped Live portal which they have dubbed Windows Live Wave 3.  Wave 3 is all about social networking.  Live users now have a  Profile complete with picture, status-like “personal … Continue reading