MySpace Mobile Adds Video

I just saw this on VentureBeat. MySpace has added video to their mobile site, Thanks to MySpace’s original association with bands and music, it has tens of thousands of videos, especially music videos. It makes sense to make them available on mobile. I took a look at the mobile video offering and it is live and it works but it’s very limiting and not particularly user friendly. To watch MySpace videos on your phone you have to jump through … Continue reading

Soccer Laduma – A Rich Mobile Experience

Soccer Laduma ( is yet another new African based mobile website.  It’s the mobile web edition of a weekly newspaper that’s the country’s largest soccer publication.  South Africa has  twice as many people using the mobile web as the fixed web so it’s no surprise that Soccer Laduma’s four month old mobile site gets more traffic than its fixed web counterpart. The site is very rich in features yet is easy to navigate.  The front page is simple and fast … Continue reading

Peperonity Update

I ran into Peperonity’s Sanda Freilingsdorf at CTIA and quized her on what was new at the site I once naively called “The Biggest Mobile Social Network You Never Heard Of.” It turns out that there’s a lot that’s new at Peperonity since I last covered them nine months ago. The following are new features I discovered: A brand new mobile site design which was launched this week for the CTIA show. As you can see in the screenshot above the site … Continue reading

CTIA: itsmy – A Mobile Social Network That’s Big in the US

Wandering around the CTIA floor today I happened upon the booth.  I’d heard about itsmy before, in fact I mentioned them in passing in my Peperonity review back in Janurary. But I realized than I’d never really written about itsmy or added them to the WapReview Mobile Web Directory.  I spent some time at the show talking to Mikko Saarelainen, itsmy’s director of content and communications. He shared some information about itsmy’s features and traffic and I’ve added them … Continue reading

Friendster Mobile Workaround

A week ago I wrote bemoaning the fact the Friendster redirected all mobile browsers, even “full web” ones like Nokia Webkit and Opera to their limited mobile site. The next day the Opera Mini Team made a modification to their servers that allowed OM users to get to the full site. Friendster countered a couple days later with a change that again forced Opera Mini users back to the mobile site. For years there has been an ongoing argument in … Continue reading

The New Friendster Mobile

I covered Friendster’s first mobile site back in December. I wasn’t impressed. I was never able to get it to work on the phone I was using at the time. Plus it required each user to install a widget on their Friendster profile using a PC browser before they could even use the mobile site. Well, it looks like Friendster went back to the drawing board and came up with a completely new mobile site at a new URL, … Continue reading

ZKOUT – The Network That Follows You

Zkout (rhymes with “shout”) is a new player in the crowded mobile social network field. Launched (audio) at Le Web 3 in December, Zkout bills itself as “The network that follows you”, emphasizing that it’s location based. Zkout combines Twitter-style location and status updates with location and media sharing. The basic idea is that you periodically update your status and location and optionally upload a photo or video shot on location. Zkout calls these updates “Moments”. Your information is shared … Continue reading