The Best U.S. Prepaid Voice and Text Deals

This post is no longer updated! Please visit to read the current version. (Originally published in August 2009), last updated 26-Nov-2010 with removal of Virgin Mobile Texter’s Delight Plan, which is no longer offered. Prepaid mobile plans are finally getting the popularity they deserve in the U.S.  This is happening at both the high and  low ends of the market. It’s easy to see why. Post paid plans start at $40 after taxes and that’s  for a limited bucket … Continue reading

Updated: The Good and the Bad – New Prepaid Data Options From Sprint, T-Mobile

Updated 16-May-2010; new Virgin Mobile plans can be used with any Virgin Mobile US handset. One thing that’s been holding back the adoption of  mobile web services in the US is the lack of affordable data,  or in some cases,  any data at all on prepaid mobile plans.  It looks like that is about to change with both T-Mobile and Sprint expected to roll out new data options for prepaid users this month. Sprint’s new offer looks pretty good.  Starting … Continue reading

Data Plans Now Required On Verizon 3G Feature Phones

Verzion is making a number of  pricing changes effective Monday, January 18.  There’s some good news for heavy talkers, unlimited voice pricing is being reduced from $99.99 to $69.99 and unlimited talk and messaging is dropping  from $119.99 to $89.99. Family plans see similar reductions.  Prices for voice plans  other than unlimited aren’t changing However the news on the data front is not so good. A data plan will be required for anyone switching to most 3G capable non-smartphones (a.k.a. … Continue reading

Nexus One Brings PC Pricing Model to Phones

Google’s Nexus One launch this week was interesting for several reasons, the phone’s much faster processor, OLED screen and a form factor resembling the iPhone’s have led it to be dubbed an “iPhone Killer”.  Much is also being made of the fact that Google is now selling phones directly to consumers. But that’s  hardly revolutionary, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have long been more than willing to sell you a phone from their websites. And unlocked phones are available from Amazon … Continue reading

T-Mobile, AT&T and Nokia Data Configurators Gone Missing?

Last week I was trying to help a reader get an unlocked, non-T-Mobile LG phone configured for data and MMS on T-Mobile USA.  This should have been easy, T-Mobile, like almost every mobile operator in the world, has an online data configurator.  It’s a simple web form where you enter your phone number and seconds later a special provisioning message arrives in your phone’s inbox. Open the message, choose “Apply” and your phone is all set up and ready to … Continue reading

What Is A Fair Price For Mobile Data?

Photo: Neil Crosby Some rights reserved Last week I took a look at data options for users in the fast-growing prepaid segment of the mobile market and found them to be uniformly miserable, thanks to a combination of price gouging and arbitrary restrictions on handset use. This got me to wondering what exactly was a fair price for mobile data, especially on prepaid plans. In the postpaid world the U.S. operators offer data plans for  laptop connect cards that provide … Continue reading

Updated: Verizon Woos Developers With Openness

I’ve been watching a live webcast of  the Verizon Developer Community Conference that is being held today in San Jose. The U.S.’s biggest mobile operator is saying that they are through with the walled garden and proprietary platforms.  Developers are being promised that going forward it will be much easier, faster and less costly to get their apps to market on Verizon phones. Key elements of the new developer initiative include: A new vCast Application Store launching by year end … Continue reading

Find Your Palm Pre With Sprint’s Mobile Store Locator

If you are a customer, or prospective customer of U.S. CDMA operator, Sprint or just want to play with the Sprint exclusive Palm Pre, you might find this mobile site useful. It lets you quickly locate company owned and independent stores selling Sprint phones and service. A free-form search box accepts a zip-code, street address or city and state. Results include store hours, available services, click to call phone number and a link to text based turn by turn driving … Continue reading