Updated: UCWEB 6.3 Official Signed English Version Released for S60

UCEEB 6.3 Splash Screen and default bookmarks

Updated 23-Nov-2009: with current download links. Regular Wap Review commenter and tipster, JBpseudo emailed me that UCWEB has released an official English version of the free UCWEB  6.3 full-web browser for S60 V3, V2 and V1 phones .  These are signed. sisx/.sis files and can be installed on unmodified, unhacked phones unlike the unofficial (and unsigned) English translation of 6.3 released a few months ago.

The new release was  officially announced on the UCWEB forum today.  You can grab the files from the UCWEB download pages: PC page, mobile page.

So what’s new in 6.3?  The change log  in the forum post announcing the release appears to have been machine translated and is pretty rough.

1. Brand-new interface, as well as the theme of model
2. To increase the use of prompts to guide
3. New page layout, the arrow keys to switch columns more efficiently Home
4. The new night-time mode, the darkness take better care of your eyes
5. WAP pre-read the page to “move forward and backward” will remain in force after the operation
6. Download operation optimization: including download prompts, menu optimization, re-download, open the file after the download is complete operation
7. The shortcut menu to switch to increase font size
8. On the part of NOKIA E Series full-keyboard phones to increase the default keyboard shortcuts in support of the whole (covering the installation will not change the existing shortcut keys, to use the default-wide keyboard shortcuts, please do the “restore default settings”)
9. Increase in information to receive pop-up switch
10. Increase the Web to accelerate the setting items, visit the Web faster Station
11. Perfect website click direct telephone dial function
12. In the page properties to increase page size information
13. Increase the monthly traffic statistics to help better control the flow of the use of
14. Text, photographs, and other layout optimization, a different screen size displayed a more reasonable
15. Optimization of the time display position, the default display time in menu bar

Main Bugs fixed:
1. Home switch appears 1-2 seconds of a blank page
2. The replacement of a theme, other window automatically refresh failure
3. Enter the URL in the prompt window when asked to download will automatically exit
4. UCWEB resolve to change the download settings, the problem can not play video.

I’m not sure I completely understand all of the above.  However I  immediately  noticed the new look thanks to an attractive black default skin.  If you don’t like black, you can switch to the “classic” blue UCWEB 6.0 look or choose a pink or reverse video “night” theme. Also new is an extensive set of default bookmarks (image top, right).  I wonder if selling default bookmarks is part of  UCWEB’s revenue model, like it is with Opera Mini?

UCWEB 6.3 rendering Issues

In initial testing of the new release on my N95-3, it seems fast and stable.  I’m somewhat disappointing that the rendering quality, UCWEB 6.0’s weak point, doesn’t seem to show much improvement. Don’t get me wrong, all the sites I tried in the browser’s fit-to-width “adaptive mode” where completely usable, if a bit unattractive due to uneven spacing between words and inconsistent font sizes (image above, left) .  The “Zoom” or desktop mode still tends to overlap images and text with obvious consequences for readability (image above, right).  I prefer fit to width view anyway as I absolutely hate horizontal scrolling so the zoom mode’s faults are of little consequence to me.

Other than the rendering issues, which are cosmetic, UCWEB, has a lot going for it.  Its best features are:

  • Tabbed browsing – up to 10 tabs can be open at once.
  • Copy and paste is fully supported including copying text from web pages.
  • UCWEB can load pages with hundreds of images and render them all –  Opera Mini runs out of memory and stops displaying images on pages over about 200KB.
  • No limitation on the types of files that can be downloaded  and saved – unlike Opera Mini which hands off.sis, .sisx, .jad and .jar files to the phone’s built in browser rather than letting you save them.

Page loading is  fast and the user interface is very responsive.  There is a bit of a learning curve to the UI, but it actually seems fairly logical once you get the hang of it.  Hint: avoid the menus by using the many one and two key shortcuts.  A long press on  the “#” key brings up a list of all the shortcuts (image bottom, right).

I definitely recommend UCWEB 6.3, it’s a very robust and capable full web browser.  It hasn’t replaced Opera Mini as my primary browser but I use it a lot to open multiple sites in the background without losing my place in Mini and for downloading.

UCWEB 6.3 - Shortcuts and Windows Menu

A word of caution though, UCWEB, like  Opera Mini, Bolt and Skyfire, is a server based browser.  All server based browsers break end-to-end HTTPS security.  I do not recommend using any of them for online banking or shopping.  If you are not sure what this means see  Martin Sauter’s Breaking HTTPS Connections in Two Parts Considered Harmful for a clear, jargon-free explanation.

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102 thoughts on “Updated: UCWEB 6.3 Official Signed English Version Released for S60

  1. i tried lots of time but it doesn’t work.plz,give me solution for ucweb for samsung e3213k

  2. 7.2 lite doesn’t work,i try all versions from 6.3 to 8.4 ,even lite versions but they doesn’t work :-(

  3. hi,my phone is samsung e3213 ,i try all versions,but it doesn’t support any version,help me

  4. Hello sir please can any some body help me how can download ucweb 6.3 to my mobile phone the model of my phone is Nokia x3-02 because am using it on one of my previous mobile phone but it is not with me again and i want to get it back on my new mobile phone.Pls kindlly get back to me how i can download it.



  5. Hello sir. I am jayaram .I use lg gm200,some of the low version browsers are suitable for it.Particularly, ucweb high versions are not suitable for my lg device.pls sent some lower-end mobile browser with super download manager.
    thank u, wish u a happy fine day.

    • Some phones block 3rd party apps from accessing the file system which is needed in order to save downloaded files. Other’s allow it only for signed apps. Try downloading the latest signed version of UC Browser (currently 7.9) from http://wap.ucweb.com If you still can’t download then it’s a phone restriction and you will only be able to download using the phone’s built in browser.

    • UC Browser is not a media player. It It is supposed to pass video links to the phone’s built in browser to handle. So videos that are playable using the built in browser should be through the UC Browser but it’s prpbably easier to use the Nokia browser for this purpose.

    • For any reasonablr modern phone the latest version (currently 7.9) is best. Go to ucweb.com/English/UCbrowser using your phone’s browser. If it tells you that there’s no version for your phone click the “UC Browser” link on the download page. Then click Java)under “Download by your handset platform”. Try the signed option first. If it doesn’t install choose the unsigned option.

  6. i am usin motorola L6i.tel me which uc web is suitable for my mobile.also tel me the free of cost uc web.

  7. slt,please can you tell me how to configured ucweb6.j utilise le reseau orangecameroun pardon aider moi .priere

  8. hi, im using nokia 5233 in india, so for it which version useful for free surf and download, plz tell me

  9. I cant use UCWEB on in my Nokia 6300 mobile either, why you think is that? I have friend who with similar model (not the same) that works fine

  10. Pls send me the working proxy of uc web 6.3 browser.am using mtn nigeria and nokia 7610 mobile phone.pls i will b gr8ful

  11. i cant read or enter yahoo mail.. please whats the prob. secondly youtube isnt supported y?

  12. i’m also using ucweb 6.3 it’s very nice for web browsing…but i can’t access yahoo mail..it’s says you’re device not supported…i’m wondering because the last time i used it can access to my mail..but now i don’t know why..can anyone here can help me..what will i do? i very appreciate to help me…tnx… pls..email me.. my model of my mobile phone is nokia 3650

  13. I’m in the US and don’t use Airtel and thus don’t know the settings.

    Airtel or a local shop should be able to tell you the correct settings for using your Airtel data package for a packet data (not WAP) connection. You need the APN (Access Point Name) and possibly a user name and password.

    Once you have the information follow the instructions for the 6300 on this page: http://www.nav4all.com/site2/www.nav4all.com/eng/install_settings_nokia_6300.php?m=6300

  14. Hai Sir,

    i cant use UCWEB on in my Nokia 6300 mobile with Airtel(india) connection.
    please help me to configure this and tell me how can i use this ..

    Thanking you.

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