Relief For iPhone Toting Bashful Bladder Sufferers

EEZi-Pee (, is a mobile Website designed to help those suffering from paruresis or  bashful bladder, a phobia that manifests itself as difficulty in urinating, particularly in the presence of others such as in public restrooms. It lets the paruresis sufferer listen (hopefully using headphones in public) to a variety of running water sounds on their phone in times of need. While it would be easy to joke about the condition and this app, paruresis is actually fairly common (one … Continue reading

Why Do Mobile Web Designers Ignore Opera Mini?

There’s a lot of buzz these days about how “touch web” browsers, especially the iPhone’s Safari, but also the WebKit based browsers on Android, Palm WebOS  and recent Symbian devices are  revolutionizing mobile browsing.  It’s certainly true, especially in the US and other developed countries, that advanced smartphones with powerful “full-web” browsers have opened a lot of eyes to the fact that using the Web on mobile phones is not only practical but fun and useful. But not everyone can … Continue reading

New Middle Web Sites: Techmeme and Google News

Techmeme, the popular tech news aggregator, launched a new mobile site yesterday.  The official announcement is here. I like what Techmeme has done,  The site, while targeted specifically at the iPhone, Android and Palm WebOS phones, isn’t turning anyone away.  You can visit with any browser you want.  I tried it using the Android browser,  a Nokia N95-3’s Webkit based browser, Opera Mini 4.2 and the old Openwave 6.2 emulator. I found that the new design worked just as … Continue reading

Google Wave Is On Android and the iPhone

I’m on Google Wave now thanks to an invite from the Symbian Guru himself, Ricky Cadden. I haven’t really explored Wave very much yet. I’m kind of discouraged because I only have a couple of Wave contacts and Google doesn’t seem to have given me any invites to share with my friends and WapReview readers. I did discover an undocumented mobile interface to Wave though. It only seems to work on the iPhone and Android devices.  To see it visit … Continue reading

Google Fast Flip Mobile for iPhone and Android

Launched today from Google labs, Fast Flip ( is being billed by Google as a faster way to read news. It’s basically a news search engine like Google News.  But instead of text summaries, Fast Flip returns results in the form of high-resolution screen shots of the first page of online news articles matching your query. You can read  at least part of the story using the image and click through to the source site to read it all. The … Continue reading

Today On The Mobile Web

My picks for the top mobile and data news stories of the last 24 hours. N900 officially announced after a million leaks. Nokia’s first Linux based phone  has impressive specs:  3.5 inch, 800 x 480 touch screen,  hardware  QWERTY,  256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory, Mozilla browser with Flash 9.4, tri-band 3G with support for U.S. T-Mobile bands. Official product page with full specs and lots of photos,  video, video,  N97, N86, N810 size comparison at All About Symbian. … Continue reading

Mobile Video Financial Updates From Market Video News

Market News Video on the web is a great site for investors, particularly in U.S. and Canadian markets. It hosts dozens of timely video reports including market summaries, company profiles and daily  upgrades, downgrades and dividend reports. Videos are updated throughout the day. They are  average a minute in a half in length. Production values are first rate and the clips are interesting and informative. There is text reportage too if video is not your thing. The mobile site, which … Continue reading

Updated: Easy Mobile Web Based Contact Sharing

Mobile Share seems like a  simple but potentially handy new service. It lets you create a personal online contact page, a simple mobile formatted web page containing your name and phone number. A link on the page lets you share it by sending the URL in a text message. Another link lets the recipient add your name and number to their phone’s contacts with a single click.  I see this as an alternative to sharing a contacts with Bluetooth. I’d  … Continue reading