Skyfire Browser Beta 0.85 for S60 – Full Review

Several readers have confirmed that the latest SkyFire Browser Beta can be downloaded and used anywhere in the  world.  Just point your mobile or PC Browser at and download.  No registration is required.  Skyfire runs on most Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and Symbian S60 3rd edition phones. I’ve been using the new Beta, v, on my N95-3 for a couple of days now – here are my impressions. Keep in mind that Skyfire is a Beta. There … Continue reading

Skyfire’s New Beta – UK and Probably World Availability

Good news from Skyfire. Beta 0.85 of the Skyfire Browser has been released! Best of all, it’s now a direct mobile download and registration is no longer required.  Until today Skyfire was only available to users in the US and Canada.  With direct download and no registration I’m thinking anyone in the world should be able to use it now. The Skyfire website mentions that UK users will be connected to a new UK server but doesn’t say anything about … Continue reading

New Opera Mini Beta Available

Opera has released a Beta of Version 4.2 of the popular Opera Mini browser.  Opera Mini is a free Java ME browser that brings full-web browsing to hundreds of phone models including most inexpensive feature phones. The new version adds numerous bug fixes and four new features: Skins: You can change the color and styling of Opera Mini’s “chrome” to seven predefined schemes. Improved Performance: The Beta switches between  a new Opera proxy server farm in the US or the … Continue reading

DeviceAtlas Data Explorer

dotMobi has released a new tool for mobile developers and designers.  It’s Data Explorer, an easy way to interactively browse and query the DeviceAtlas database.  Device Atlas is dotMobi’s mobile device repository which combines data from 12 sources including WURFL, Volantis, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Vodafone, Bango and ArgoGroup. Its main purpose is to provide data that mobile developers can use to optimize mobile pages for various devices. Data Explorer is a web based interactive tool that lets you analyze the … Continue reading

Browser Comparison – TeaShark vs Opera

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Opera Mini, the free full-web browser that makes it possible you use almost any website on most any phone. Amazingly, using sites designed for an 800×600 px screen on one a tenth as large is both practical and  pleasant in Opera Mini, thanks its combination of server side compression, smart reformatting techniques like content folding and fit to width and a brilliant user interface built a around one and two-click shortcuts … Continue reading

Skyfire Beta Code – Good Until Aug 30th

Skyfire, the much hyped, proxy based, full-web mobile browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 3rd edition devices is still in closed beta. That means that it is only available to a limited number of users and there is a waiting list.  However according to MobileCrunch, SkyFire has opened the floodgates to all –  but only for the next eight days. You have until August 30th the signup at and you need to enter Michael8 in the Beta Code … Continue reading

Fit to Width or Pinch To Zoom?

The iPhone has done so much to generate interest in using the web on phones with its big, beautiful screen and powerful browser with full JavaScript and CSS support.  But the iPhone feature that seems to excite people the most is “Pinch to Zoom”.  Apple has given the  UI, including the browser, a multi-touch interface that lets you use two fingers to zoom; you slide your fingers apart to zoom in and see more details, slide them together to zoom … Continue reading