Trying Google Buzz on Android, Symbian – and the N900

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably heard that Google released Buzz yesterday.  Details are on the Google Blog. Buzz appears to be Google’s attempt at building an app that combines the best features of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare into a single all singing, all dancing desktop AND mobile service. With Buzz you can publicly or privately post status updates, photos and videos, view your friends Buzzes and view nearby Buzzes on a map.  Buzzes can automatically include … Continue reading

Twitter on the N900 – What Are My Options?

I’m not really a Twitter power user but I do follow a hundred or so people, tweet a few times a day and have two Twitter accounts.  My main account is @yeswap.  I also have a @boostapps account where I tweet whenever a new app gets added to my app store for Boost Mobile prepaid users in the US.  I Twitdroid on Android, Gravity on Symbian and Tweete or Dabr in mobile browsers. So what should I use for … Continue reading

Tuitwit – Promising New Mobile Web Twitter Client

A reader sent me a link to a new Twitter mobile web client called Tuitwit. It was created from scratch by Indonesian developer Judotens Budiarto and is running on Google App Engine. It’s optimized for basic and mid range phones with a default page size of about 25 KB, including images and style sheet. Page size can be reduced to as little as 6 KB by turning off images on the Settings page. For a new release Tuitwit is remarkably … Continue reading

New MySpace “Middle Web” Site – Video Support Still Limited

Earlier this month, MySpace started delivering a new version of their mobile web site,, to Android, Palm WebOS and iPhone users (image, above).  The new site is a typical example of what used to be called an iPhone Web App.  It features a single column design, optimized for screens 320 px wide and up with JavaScript used for incremental page updates. Middle web page sizes can be quite large compared to mobile sites, which need to be less than … Continue reading

New Mobile Twitter Client Twittme Offers 240 Character Tweets

Twittme is a new mobile Twitter front end. That makes at least six now. What sets Twittme apart from the rest is that it allows creating Tweets longer than 140 characters. The “What are you doing” field in Twittme accepts up to 240 characters. Tweets longer than 140 are sent as two successive Tweets. Several desktop clients do this but Twittme is the first mobile web one I’ve seen that does. Tweetme is a feature rich client (see the table … Continue reading

Sweet – Delivr Gets Integration

My favorite link sharing tool just got even easier to use.  Delivr has added a share with button to the the detail page for every Delivr shared URL.  So now you can now share your Delivr links on with a single click.  This is great news for me as I already use for multicasting status updates and blog posts to Twitter, Facebook and several other social networks. If you are unfamiliar with and here’s a … Continue reading

Is it Worth Retweeting?

Much as I love Twitter, the signal to noise ratio is pretty high. A major source of noise is when multiple people you follow retweet the same item. Worth Retweeting? is a simple Twitter mashup designed to help you avoid excessive retweeting. The way it works is that you enter your Twitter user name and the user name of the Twitterer you are thinking of retweeting. Worth Retweeting? then shows you what percentage of your followers also follow the other … Continue reading

Japan’s Biggest Mobile Social Network Goes Global

MobaMingle ( is the English version of Mobile Game Town, Japan’s biggest (10 million members) mobile-only social network. It seems to be a pretty literal translation of the Japanese original, both in look and feel and in most of the features. Mobamingle has the usual trappings of other mobile social networks, messaging, groups, blogs, friends and a “wall” but adds only-in-Japan features like anime style avatars and user created mobile novels. One thing missing is the signature element of Mobile … Continue reading