Highlights Of Mobilize 2011

Here are my top take-aways from GigaOm‘s two day Mobilize conference which wrapped up yesterday. Mobile payments are coming, but when and how? The mobile payments panel was interesting but I think it showed just how chaotic the payments space is right now. It had representatives from PayPal, Visa, Intuit and VeriFone all arguing for their own largely incompatible solutions. 2015 was mentioned by several panelists as the “year of mobile payments”, when most phones would have payment capabilities and most merchants who be ready to accept mobile payments.  To ensure … Continue reading

Bing’s Rich Mobile Makeover

    The mobile edition of Microsoft’s Bing search engine (m.bing.com) was updated recently with a bunch of new features borrowed from Bing’s desktop page and Google’s mobile search webapp including: Background image of the day with floating “Explore” menu Search suggestions appear as you type Location enabled on Android and iOS Image search results as a grid of thumbnails Tabbed results pages with tabs for All, Images, Shopping, Local etc. The new interface shows up on the iPhone and iPad … Continue reading

Found On The Mobile Web 244

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the YesWAP.com mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2366 mobile sites. Travel-Transit/Destination Guides Tampere 1918 zones.zonear.com/tampere1918 Interactive mobile guide to the new “Tampere 1918” exhibit at Museum Centre Vapriikki in Tampere, Finland . The exhibition covers the tragic Finnish Civil War of 1918 in which 40,000 people were killed in four … Continue reading

Untappd’s Mobile Web App – Checking In With A Beer

Called “A Foursquare for Beer Lovers” by Mashable, Untappd is a location aware mobile web app where you check-in with a beer. You can get badges for when and where you check-in and for each different beer you check-in with. Users can add new beers including homebrews and keep a beer wishlist of brews they want to try. Untappd uses the Foursquare API for location support and works anywhere in the world where there’s beer. Other users can see your check-ins … Continue reading

An HTML5 Test For Mobile and Desktop Browsers

I recently discovered Niels Leenheer’s HTML5Test.com.  It’s another test suite that attempts to measure a browser’s support for components of the HTML (formerly HTML5) and CSS3  draft specs.  Like the W3C’s Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers – version 2 this one assigns a numeric score representing the browsers overall compliance with the specs. It shows pass/fail grades for each individual test as well. As Niels points out, his test is not complete and doesn’t cover all the fetaures of … Continue reading

Bolt Browser 2.5 – HTML5, Geolocation, Improved UI and Ads

Click images to view full size. Bitstream released a new version of the Bolt Java ME browser at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. It’s Bolt 2.5 and new features include support for more HTML5 features including  the Geolocation API, the ability to play Facebook videos and some subtle tweaks to the UI that make it more touch friendly and reduce the number of clicks needed to perform common actions. Download Bolt 2.5 from: boltbrowser.com/dnld.html (PC) or boltbrowser.com/aindex (mobile … Continue reading

My Mobile Web Predictions For Last Year – The Scorecard

Photo by over_kind_man – Some rights reserved Now that the year is over it’s time to look back at the predictions I made a year ago and compare them with what actually happened with mobile browsers,  web apps and  platforms in 2010. Prediction: There will be major improvements in smartphone mobile browser technology. Mozilla, Opera, Nokia, Skyfire, Google and RIM will compete to deliver a near desktop experience on high end devices. Expect to see better and faster JavaScript engines … Continue reading

The E73 Browser Dissected

This is a continuation of my Nokia E73 “Mode” reveiew. Here’s a look at the built in WebKit based Nokia browser. I’ve been using an N95-3 as my main phone for years so I’m pretty familiar with the Symbian browser.  But  the browser in  Feature Pack 2 (FP2) devices like  the E73 is quite a bit newer.  The E73’s is version 7.2, based on  WebKit; 525. The N95’s browser is based on the much older  WebKit 413.  Here’s the full … Continue reading